i have a lot of obsessions that are constantly changing , so here's my favorites atm.

  • i solo stan skz and nct127 because i'm not fond of every member, this is not the case in other groups, despite only talking about my faves most of the time it is not motivated by indifference, i simply don't have the energy to talk about everyone.
    • faves: seok matthew, han jisung, lee felix, lee haechan, kim sunwoo, sung hanbin, choi yeonjun
    • groups: zerobaseone, the boyz, nct dream & 127, txt, bts
    • casuals got7, newjeans, f(x), seventeen, shinee, astro
    • non-kpop carly rae jepsen, my bloody valentine, autumns grey solace, radiohead, taylor swift, mf doom, nas, beach house, broadcast, bauhaus, brockhampton, tyler the creator, solange, azealia banks, pinkpanthress, l...
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hanna/claire/demian, 21yo, brazillian, she/her or he/him, enfj 7w8 aries sun virgo moon libra rising


  • i read a lot of books and fanfiction, might spam about them on the tl
  • i also listen to a lot of music so dont mind me
  • i do have strong opinions on a lot of topics, sometimes i might discuss them openly.
  • i always give my sincere opinion on things, even if i like them i won't hesitate on deep analysis and criticism if i think its bad.
  • i dont usually care about "hate" towards my faves but if you're my mutual and trash talk haechan, han or matthew i will be mad and might sb.
  • i am extremely comunicative and i need to comunicate just like sharks can never st...
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