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  • October TTT Freebie 10/29 - Favorite Horror Books
    • House of Leaves
    • We Have Always Lived in the Castle
    • Edogawa Ranpo
    • Kirino Natsuo Book


  • So You Love The Secret History (TSH-esque books, dark academia, campus novels)
    • The Likeness
    • Lake of Dead Languages
    • Black Chalk
    • Bunny
    • The Furies
    • The Truants
    • Social Creature
    • We Will Be Villains
    • The Lessons
    • Year of the Gadfly
    • The Bellwhether Revivals
    • An Uncommon Education
    • Brideshead Revisited
    • A Question of Holmes

Slow-paced YA novels

  • YA is often fast-paced, meant to hook you in at once. But some books are meant to simmer. Sometimes, you have to slow down, stop, and smell the roses.
    • The Wicked Deep
    • Winterwood
    • We Hunt the Flame
    • House of Salt and Sorrows

Books that give me faith in YA fantasy again (and why)

  • Forest of a Thousand Lanterns
    • A retelling from the villainness' POV and dares to go dark and devious, no easy answers or morals, carefully plotted world and rise to power, ICONIC
  • Not Even Bones
  • The Gilded Ones
    • Super dark and edgy grimdark (it will GO THERE), fierce, feminist, a familiar tale told in a refreshing way, hopefully a good sign for the genre
  • These Violent Delights
    • Very complex and intelligent worldbuilding and politics, ensemble cast, reads like Adult
  • Six of Crows
    • Actually deserves the hype! Paved the way for dark YA fantasy, compelling ensemble cast of morally gray character, god-tier romances, thrills and chills, expansive worldbuilding -- ignore S&B, this is Bardugo at her best
  • The Cruel Prince
    • First book is slow-going but second and third are masterpieces (also proof that SFF books don't need to be long to be good), spicy romance that doesn't take over the plot, super smart political maneuvering and court drama, ambitious female MC, immersive & distinct worldbuilding even if you've seen fae a hundred times already, just very very good
  • Never-Contended Things
  • Wilder Girls
  • Damsel
  • Margaret Rogerson or Adrienne Young?
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