pretty much all you need to do for this is write 5 things, these can be peoples names, places, emotions, a film title, song title, band, anything that sums up your day, do it each day on your listography for a year!

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180101 • fanfics; vmin; bangtan sonyeondan; happy new year?; kinda lonely but not sad.

180102 • mall; simon vs. the homo sapiens agenda arrived, finally!!!!; board games; fooood; goodbye jessica, see you soon :(.

180103 • passport; my longest nap ever; fanfic; burned my hair with my candle; fullmetal anchemist.

180104 • bboom bboom by momoland on loop all day; fanfics; lonely???; first mental breakdown of the year; fullmetal alchemist (ep. 4 made me so saddddd).

180105 • btsoutcast!!!!!!; started my first book of the year (simon vs. then homo sapiens agenda); more fanfics; bboom bboom on loop again because yes; btsoutcast funny tweets made my night.

180106 • spent the day reading simon vs the homo sapiens agenda; watched a few episodes of fullmetal; tried to draw (mehhhh); outcast!!!!!!!!!!!; friends.

180107 • finished simon vs etc etc (its so good to read, really soft and fluffy, cant wait for the movie); fullmetal alchemist; fighting with my brother; the end of btsoutcast (i trusted you taehyung..); cried my eyes off watching vmin compilation on youtube.

180108 • fullmetal alchemist; brigadeiro; rainy day (yesss finally); all bts’ songs on loop; drawing (starry nights girl).

180109 • sunbathed; went shopping w brielle; met my friends for the first time this year; watched jumanji (better than i expected); went to red w brielle and damn. ☆

180110 • had lots of dreams today??; started my bullet journal; fanfic; cried watching vmin compilation (again); bts.

180111vmin posted a video together (thank you for my lifeeeee); bts; bullet journal; tried to draw; watched kimi no na wa with loreba (and cried again). ☆

180112 • sad; tried to draw; fanfic; watched camp rock 2 with loreba; fullmetal alchemist.

180113 • fullmetal alchemist, bullet journal; more fullmetal; try not to laugh bts; kinda sad.

180114 • family board games; cinema; mental breakdown x3.

180115 • last day; sunbathed; fanfics; bullet journal; ????.

180116 • cursinho all over again :(; saw my friends; tiredddd; took a looooooooong nap; stuDied.

180117 • cursinho; an okay day; studied; nap (again. yes i have to stop); missing reading fanfic; bts.

180118 • cakeeee; had class all day; superstar bts; surprise party; yayyy 940 na redação do enem!!!!!.

180119 • cursinho; long nap again; stuDied; superstar bts; yoonseok fanfic!!!!!.

180120 • happy estella day!!!!; sad; fanfics; studied; more fanfic.

180121 • studied; studied; studied; tried to draw; fanfic.

180122 • cursinho; sleepy; bored; sad; studied.

180123 • happy loreba dayyyy!!!; saw lorena; studied; kinda happy; its was an okey day.

180124 • cursinho; studied; sleepyyyyyyyy; taegimin; fanfic.

180125 • cursinho all day; tired; sleepy; hungry; everything went wrong.

180126 • cursinho; tired; curso de redação; laughed a lotttt; a meh day.

180127 • sleepyyyyyy; cursinho (again yes.); a good nap;

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