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hello yes I am Killian, here's some things you should probably know before you follow!

I do have a nsfw tumblr/twitter, but my main stuff is still pretty much 18+. I work at an adult novelties store, aka I sell sex toys and porn for a living, and that comes up a fair amount. I won't stop anyone from following me, but I'm basically not gonna follow you back if you're under 18. nothing personal, I just don't feel comfortable with it.

if you think that the creator fictional works with questionable content needs to be burnt at the (digital) stake and harassed eternally, you need to stay away. just because something makes you uncomfortable doesn't mean it's evil.

if pda/romantic talk bothers you this is probably not the place for you, since I talk about how much I love Liz pretty often . I can't help it; I'm just really happy with them and sometimes can't keep it to ...

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do you take drabble/fic requests?

  • I sure do!! however, I'm not the fastest writer, so it may take awhile for me to get to. I tend to do mostly drabbles on request, but if I get inspired it might become something longer. I'd prefer to only take juhaku requests cause that's easiest for me, though I am willing to try other things (they'll just take longer haha). please send all requests through my tumblr; it's just easiest for me to keep track of them that way!

so what won't you write?

  • self-insert/OCs/reader insert fics
  • hakumor
  • cismale Judal
  • fandoms I'm unfamiliar with

that being said, this applies to sfw requests and the like. any nsfw content should be directed to my nsfw tumblr!

will you tag for (insert request here)?

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Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic:

  • Judal/Hakuryuu
  • Sinbad/Jafar
  • Sinbad/Judal
  • Hakuyuu/Hakuren
  • Zagan/Hakuryuu

Kingdom Hearts

  • Axel/Roxas
  • Kairi/Riku/Sora
  • Demyx/Zexion
  • Young Xehanort/Eraqus
  • Lea/Isa
  • Leon/Yuffie


  • Malik/Yami Bakura
  • Yami Malik/Ryou Bakura
  • Atem/Yuugi
  • Thief King Bakura/Atem
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  • Killian
  • nonbinary lesbian (they/them)
  • January 8th
  • 29
  • married to Liz (@DragonOfEternal)
  • Baltimore, MD
  • has two cat (Ethyl & Lumos)
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fandom stuff:

  • magi
  • juhaku
  • yugioh (specifically dm)
  • pokemon
  • kingdom hearts
  • persona 5
  • .hack//G.U.
  • dungeons & dragons

general shit:

  • writing
  • work & sex toys
  • my OCs
  • cooking
  • dead mall exploring
  • photography

I live with Liz (@DragonOfEternal) and spend a ton of time with Pat (@arahith) so they'll probably end up mentioned a lot. I'm usually screaming about juhaku or my OCs/d&d characters, or cry...

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main shit:



rarely used:

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these are my stupid idiot children that I love, I'm basically always up to talking about them!

  • Hakuryuu (Magi)
  • Judal (Magi)
  • Yami/Thief King Bakura (YuGiOh)
  • Malik (YuGiOh)
  • Riku (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Axel (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Zexion (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Eridan (Homestuck)
  • Gladion (Pokemon)
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