• PLEASE softblock if you want to break the mutual
    • BTS antis begone !
    • Inactive kind of now that I go to college and while I'm learning how to adult
    • I don't care for twitter much anymore and i'm really only here for updates so I genuinely couldn't care less about likes, ratios and all that other mess so don't bother me with it
    • I'm really shy on here so i'm not one to start conversations but please talk to me about anything I swear I'm not as boring as I seem !!!
    • I usually tweet what I want...I don't care
    • I tend to get really annoying about things that bother me but i'm trying to get better at not letting it all out so i'm sorry but mute as you please
    • If anything I say or do bothers you please let me know, I will listen
    • None of my content is consistent beware
may 22 2016 ∞
apr 16 2018 +