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"The first language humans had was gestures. There was nothing primitive about this language that flowed from people’s hands, nothing we say now that could not be said in the endless array of movements possible with the fine bones of the fingers and wrists."

Sarah nostalgia (Gram's house)
Phoebe places (brooklyn)
places (austin)
places (portland, me)
Josephine things (that i don't trust / am suspicious about)
  • chocolate gooey butter cookies x
  • double chocolate espresso cookies x
  • lofthouse style soft frosted sugar cookies x
  • mexican hot chocolate snickerdoodles x
  • nutella pretzel brownies x
  • puppy chow x
  • red velvet brownies x
  • red velvet cupcakes x
dec 17 2011 ∞
nov 18 2012 +