«Lee Minho x Han Jisung»

maybe the second ult? omg i have a problem

ji: did you know that we need at least eight hugs a day to function properly?

ji: it's for real, i just googled it !!

"Yeah, right." Minho reads those texts twice, staring with absolute suspicion and disbelief before he sets his phone on the counter, the faintest smile lifting the corners of his lips. Leave it to Han Jisung to google things like this.

Or: Jisung is a sucker for hugs and, much to Minho's surprise, he realizes that he's been turned into one too.

“Guys, I think… I think I’m going to ask her out,” he said nervously.

Hyunjin and Felix sent instant glances towards Jisung, who only allowed himself a second of heartbreak before engulfing his best friend in a hug and ruffling his hair.

“Do it! Heavens know you deserve happiness. I’m sure she’s smitten for you as well,” Jisung smiled as Minho jokingly pushed him away, mumbling a "shut up dumbass". He didn’t miss Hyunjin looking at him sympathetically. He only raised his shoulders slightly, because really, what could he do? He knew him and Minho would never have a chance. He had to settle for less if he wanted Minho in his life. He had to.

Or; the one where Jisung has been madly in love with Minho for forever, and Minho dense and doesn't realise his own feelings.

"well i don't actually.. know who you are."

in which minho is in love and married to the boy of his dreams, of course jisung returns his feelings, it's perfect.

until jisung loses his memory in a car accident.

and minho can't help but long for his jisung to come back, but jisung's right there.

For the first time, Twenty-one-year-old Lee Minho falls for a blue-haired stranger.

Minho stared at the boy, not realizing he'd spoken up until he heard his own voice softly whisper, "Stay." He cringed at the pleading lilt slipping into his tone.

Jisung's expression fell, his gaze dropping to the floor to avoid looking at the disappointment on the other's face as he replied in a small voice, "I'm sorry..."


The Coffee Shop AU that no one really asked for. Minho's working the night shift at a 24/7 coffee shop (bless Chan for his crazy ideas) and he's so ready to throw down the apron. Enter a mysterious boy and some late night Americanos that spice up Minho's life.

“Give me your wallet!” The bumbling criminal demanded, thrusting the unassuming, poor excuse for a blade right in Minho's face. The dull edge is poised mere inches from Minho, to the point where he can now clearly see the residual splotch of orange marmalade splattered on the side of the utensil.

Minho didn't even bat an eyelash. He feigned the desire to yawn, in fact.

“That's a butter knife.” Minho said matter-a-factly, as if merely recounting this week's weather forecast. “You're threatening me with a butter knife.”

Or: Lee Minho is a broke, quirky college kid, who’s just trying to make a late-night convenience store run in peace. Key word? Broke.

Enter Han Jisung: an awkward, clumsy would-be thief who attempted to rob Minho blind—with an arsenal of poorly chosen “weapons”, at that. Key word? Attempted.

But everything is not always as it seems. Fate has a funny way of working, on a chilly autumn night.

If he’s being entirely honest, Minho wanted to be in bed before midnight. He has a test tomorrow and is under the impression that a reasonable amount of sleep the night before results in better test scores. Apparently, life has other plans. Namely, the part of his life named Jisung.


Or: Minho comforts Jisung under the glow of the streetlight that sparked their friendship (and maybe they kiss a little too).

Jisung fell in love with the water when he was five years old on his first day of swimming lessons. He fell in love with the water again when he was nine years old and standing on a surfboard. It's safe to say he's stayed in love ever since.

Jisung fell in love with the water before he met Minho, but he wants to fall in love with Minho just like he fell in love with the water. He's not sure how long it will take for him to fall, but he's okay with waiting until it happens.

For now, he's going to teach his boyfriend how to surf.


Or, Jisung and Minho go surfing for a day, and a realization hits Jisung like a wave crashing on the shore.

Jisung just had a few problems. He will get better. He promises. He’ll get better.

“What?” After wetting a cloth, Minho starts dabbing at his pants where the smoothie spilled. “Who should I be pining after?” He murmurs to himself, completely at loss who he's supposed to be in love with.


The one where Minho and Jisung are dating, except Minho doesn't know.

Minho thinks he’s found confidence in something new— but what will Jisung think of it?

His notebook is dead blank, the hours are painful, the night only gets lonelier, and the rain does not stop coming. Yeah, Han Jisung is one too many forms of exhausted.

So, when he walks up to the rooftop in search of some sort of inspiration, or comfort, or just some godforsaken peace around here he certainly doesn’t expect he’ll find exactly what he needs, and maybe even more.

It was a dark, cold night in a city that never slept when Han Jisung discovered that the brightest kinds of sunshine, came from the quietest places of the world.

The boy was rugged, wild and everything his mom had always warned him about, and Jisung was done for immediately.

or Jisung is lonely, numb and so devastatingly beautiful. Minho is too proud, too much himself for the world they live in. They’re not supposed to, but they fall in love anyway.

There’s a barrier between being friends and boyfriends. That barrier is non-existent to Jisung and Minho.

Minho says, “it's possible to find happiness even amidst all the chaos. It's not 'either-or.'”

And so, in the middle of a cold, sleeting winter, Jisung finds answers, the stars and Minho.


Or, Jisung learns a lot about himself and his world from the ages of nineteen to twenty-four, and in the space between two confessions. A story in four parts.

“You have a pet dragon.” Minho boldly declares, searching his new neighbor’s face for a reaction.

“Oh wow, I wish,” Jisung laughs. “Could you imagine? That would be so cool!” Minho has to give him credit—Jisung doesn’t even bat an eye before smoothly responding.

“Okay,” Minho says, drawing his next words out in eager anticipation. “Then what exactly is splashing around in your backyard pool?”

(Minho is intrigued by his new neighbor. He doesn’t expect his curiosity to rope him into the daunting task of dragon-sitting, and he certainly doesn’t expect to fall for both his neighbor and the dragon along the way.)

When Chan introduces his hot friend Minho to the group, Jisung is a mess. He isn’t even able to hold eye contact with Minho for more than a few seconds. What is more damning is the fact that his eyes cut to Minho every time he isn’t looking. Now Jisung has to juggle a crisis and a crush at the same time.


In which Jisung finds himself as he falls for Minho.

Jisung is now far more interwoven into his life than just a pinch of sunlight, more than the shimmering rays that poke through the clouds at the end of the day.

If Minho’s life is a bowl of something, Jisung is a heaping cupful of brightness and sunshine whisked into the mix so thoroughly, so permanently, that Minho could never hope to, or want to, sift him back out.

Jisung is the cute boy down the street selling lemonade.

Jisung confesses to his best friend late at night in their childhood tree house.

A late night game of truth or truth. Exhaustion fueled revelations and a confession.

Jisung had not expected this study session to go like this.

Jisung wakes up in an unfamiliar flat where no one can see or hear him. He wonders if he is a ghost. He doesn't feel like one though.

Minho, the owner of the flat, sees strange things happening in his flat and wonders if he is being haunted. Only the previous tenant seems to have any answers.


Not quite ghosts and a not quite haunting. Jisung deals with it. Kinda.

Amidst a terrible storm, Jisung just wants to kiss Minho. But Minho is acting strange and there is a murderer on the loose.

Jisung investigates.

“I don’t know what I am exactly,” Minho says and the switch in topic rattles Jisung’s mind, “but I think that I have something to do with dreams.”


There's romance in the air and something in the water. All Jisung wants is a place to sleep and when he finds the river and Minho, he thinks that dreams do come true. The question is, is it just a dream?

It starts when Jisung finds out that it's surprisingly easy to fluster Minho.


Jisung has always been observant and he’s best at observing Minho. But has he really misunderstood what is happening between them? The truth turns out to be different than what he expects. Turns out to be much better, definitely.

A lone man in the middle of nowhere, trying to save them all.

In a last ditch effort to save their space station, Captain Han Jisung embarks on a mission to traverse uncharted territory in search for a solution. Minho from Operations Control is tasked with keeping an eye on him.

Though Minho can only see him on the screen of his monitor, the more he talks with Jisung, the closer he gets to him. But, there's something strange about Jisung's mission and as the mystery unfolds, Minho tries to understand and do his duty no matter what the cost is.

Maybe the salt of the sea is calling to the salt in his blood. Maybe time keeps slipping like sand between his fingers. Maybe the start of a new phase is more painful than he expects.

It doesn't matter because right now, it's just the two of them and the sea.


In a month, Jisung is going abroad for graduate studies. Amidst the stress and the heartache, Minho takes him to the sea in search for answers.

Both Lee Minho and the forest behind the music shop are hiding intriguing secrets. Jisung thinks the two might be connected, but he’s also not sure if he wants to find out. (He’s just trying to finish high school, and stay out of trouble).


Jisung tenses up. He knows this small distraction is the time he needs to get out of the forest so that the stranger will never notice his presence, but as he takes his first step back his right foot lands right on a twig, snapping it upon impact. Just his luck. The boy whips his head around so quickly that Jisung is frozen in place behind the tree, mind running a million miles a minute and ready to blurt out anything to cover himself.

“By any chance, you wouldn’t happen to have seen an orange tabby cat with keys in its mouth run past here, would you?”

A man just crawled out of his fireplace, and he is definitely not Santa.

He is, however, claiming to be a character—a handsome prince—from a fantasy novel that Jisung just finished reading. And he is also apparently here to break Jisung’s curse. (Hold up. Curse?)

Lee Minho knows what it feels like to be loved –or at least he likes to believe he does. – He knows what it feels like to be needed, he learns what it feels like to be wanted.

Minho spots him easily—his red beanie bright and eye-catching even from afar. He's by himself, seated on the bench situated right along the path, rose bushes behind him, lining the area designated as a small playground. For some reason, Minho finds himself slowing down as he gets closer and closer to the boy.


or: Minho finds himself drawn to the boy with the bright red beanie and the eye-catching red shoes.

Minho and Jisung celebrate an anniversary together.

(it is coloured red, like love.)

“...You got a little...um...something something on your chin there.”

Minho blinks once and stares at him, almost like he had been expecting an entirely different response. Then – almost deliberately – he smirks that stunning smirk of his, raising a bloodied hand up to his face and swiping at his bottom lip, not at all clearing away any of the blood but instead streaking more of it on his handsome face.

Disregarding the metaphorical alarm bells going off in his head, Jisung mentally notes how attractive he would be right now if he wasn’t currently soaked in blood.

Listen. For the entire 8 years of journey of painting in Minho’s life, he did not have a muse. An official muse, at least. He had always relied on the pictures on the internet of his favorite artists. Sometimes, he had drawn his favorite idols or fictional characters for references, but he did not have a person who was willing to be his official muse. Exclusive only for him.

He won’t admit it, but sometimes (often times) when he is painting, his mind always drifts to an image of a boy with chubby cheeks, round and curious eyes, fluffy hair, crooked teeth, and a body so divine that he did not have a choice but to worship him.


or: Jisung is the color of autumn leaves and sunrise. Minho has a paintbrush on his hand. Also, he is in love

Jisung meets a cute employee during his annual trip to the pumpkin patch with his niece. Suddenly his traditional one-time visit has turned into two. Then three. Then six.

And so many more that he loses count, pumpkins piling up uselessly in his home and his budding crush quickly worming his way into his heart.

Granted, the apartment he just moved into was marvelous in completely affordable, fresh-out-of-college standards. Spacious enough for guests, plenty of room for his cats to roam, and was within walking distance of the nearest shopping plaza – complete with a supermarket and various food establishments. Everything seemed hunky-dory to Minho when he moved in; this was three days ago.

Now, his story isn’t about ghosts or stalkers, no. The current bane of his existence is something a bit more mundane if one could even consider it that. His current dilemma revolved around a certain, rotund, roughly textured fruit of the citrus variety – lemons, to be exact. Bright, ripe, yellow lemons.

Minho is a demon that feeds off words, and Jisung has a way with words.

It is something Minho only realises at the end of the dance classes he teaches when he is waiting for Jisung on a grey morning. It is not something sudden that he realises, per se, but it is like the finally puzzle piece had appeared, and had completed the jigsaw that was what does Jisung mean to me?

Yellow, Minho thinks, unable to stop himself from smiling as Jisung stands across the street, washed in the yellow of the changing traffic lights. You’ve become my yellow.

Jisung hadn't been expecting to find everything he did in Lee Minho.

But he does. He finds beauty and excitement and softness with Lee Minho, and it's on one raining morning before he crosses the road to meet Minho that the world is bathed in green - and Jisung looks at Minho through emerald glasses.

(jisung hadn't been expecting to find life in lee minho, with lee minho.)

But for the love of everything that Jisung stands for, Minho is so considerate; always has been, and always will be. Trying his best to make time for his best friend and his boyfriend, constantly double-checking and rechecking and referencing this or that. For as cordial and civil Jisung and Seungmin were (and they really were; Jisung had no bad blood with him whatsoever), it became too apparent that they were two halves of a Venn diagram with only one common thread – Minho.

And when Minho tries to make their thing “our thing” instead, Jisung becomes accustomed to standing down and standing aside. Doesn’t wanna be the third wheel, has too many exams to study for, has a paper due in three days, all said with a complacent smile on his face.

It doesn’t take long before Minho’s t h i n g s with him become Minho’s t h i n g s with Seungmin instead, and when the older boy stops asking him altogether, Jisung decides to ignore that it really just might be his fault after all.

The seasons are cyclical. Everything is cyclical.


Minho, who has found a home in the mountains and in Jisung, grapples with an unnamed fear, and in the process discovers that his roots are deeper than he thinks.

Jisung woke up to find an unknown man on his bed.

Now, living his entire life as a loner who draw gay men having sex as an income, Jisung knows well there's no way he would have ended up with this handsome man laying next to him on the bed.

Lee Minho can't be crowned the picnic packer of the century, but he sure does make a mean charcuterie board, packed with tiny crackers he'd bought on sale and cheeses that were priced so high he gets a pressure headache even thinking about them. He's not the master of outdoor lunches, but he's damn lucky that Jisung is so easily impressed. Or in love with him. Maybe it's both.


In which Minho takes Jisung to a botanical garden.

Minho isn't a jealous person, he swears. He respects his boyfriend completely. He has the utmost faith in their relationship and knows they both trust each other in every way possible.

So why is it that he's so worked up over a stranger making a pass at Jisung? He's not jealous. He's not.


Or, the one where Minho just wants everyone to know Jisung is his (and Jisung is very much into it).

One day in the middle of the road trip that they have planned for months, the skies become clear - bluer than they have ever been for weeks now.

One afternoon in the middle of the road trip that they have planned for months, they make flower crowns in the field near the rest stop.

One night in the middle of the road trip that they have planned for months, they stay on a higher floor in a hostel, and it lets them see the dark blue night sky much clearer than ever before.

(and when jisung looks at minho, he thinks he sees he sky)

For reasons that Jisung couldn’t justify now, he had come up with this “master plan” of sorts to pretend to drown in the ocean to “catch the cute lifeguard’s attention”. Cute lifeguard being an upperclassman Jisung had seen around campus for a while now, with sleek brown hair, bright eyes, and a stunning smile. Jisung was...more than electrified to see said boy being a lifeguard at their quaint college town’s beach.

“All this time, I thought you were impossible to read, but it turns out you can be confused too.”

Jisung heads back towards the counter, leaving behind a very confused Minho.

“Wait, what does that mean?”

Jisung looks up from the bouquet he was making, and Minho could see him try and hide his embarrassment behind his smile.

“It’s kind of ironic. You don’t know if you’re friends with your coworkers, just like I was confused about if we were friends in school. I didn’t think you wanted to be my friend.”

Minho stares at Jisung, stunned.


In which Minho reconnects and learns a new language

Lee Minho, 23, been in love with his best friend for as long as he can remember.

Jisung tries to propose to his boyfriend of seven years.

He fails for a week straight - it’s not his fault, really, you have to believe him. But, even as he fails each time to take the ring out, or even open his mouth to ask the question, he falls in love with Minho a little more each time.

It is therefore, slightly appropriate, that he blurts the question out suddenly at the first place they met, all those years ago.

How Minho managed this – an invite to one of the most prestigious birthday parties in Seoul – is beyond him. His schemes normally net him a few hundred thousand won at a time, just as much as he needs without ever arousing suspicion, but they’ve never landed him in the lap of the South Korean elite, the upper 1%, the lives of the rich, the blue, and the purple.

Jisung may be the young heir to one of SK's richest conglomerates but maybe there's something beyond his money that keeps the con-man in Minho around for longer than necessary.

Minho’s hair was blue, but his life and everything around him, it seems, was red. He had been torn away from everything since young.

“No, Minho!”

“Wait, Minho!”

“Stop, Minho!”

Minho was tired of stopping. And as much as he willed himself to not stop, to go and be free and run on his own two feet, he couldn't. He was stopped. An object at rest tends to stay at rest.

Jisung’s hair was red, but it seemed his entire world was, and had always been, blue. He had been pushed through everything since he was young.

“Come on, Jisung!”

“Don’t be a wimp, Jisung!”

“Go, Jisung!”

Jisung didn’t want to go. As much as he wished he had the confidence, the ability to raise his voice higher than two octaves, to declare himself stopped, he didn't. He was moving. an object in motion tends to stay in motion.

When an unstoppable force meets an immovable object, there is only one thing left to do: collide.

Six months, six months, he had been told, and yet six months seemed so insignificant in the eons he’d already spent, signing away the final fates of the dead as they arrive at his doorstep, waiting to see if they would suffer for time immemorial, or be granted peace and asylum in the fields of Elysium. Six months, Minho thought, six months? Pfft, absolute horseshit in the grand scheme of things. He could wait six months for Jisung to return, six months for Zeus’s little condition to fulfill itself.

Six months, the lord of the underworld realized, was six months too long.

Minho rather likes Jisung's natural hair. Despite how good Jisung looks with all sorts of bright colors, there's something familiar about Jisung with his black hair. Sure he only really has it when he's at school, but Minho appreciates it whenever he does have it.

The older they get the more Minho finds himself comforted by it. It's a silly thought, one he can't exactly rationalize to himself.


Or, the one where no matter how old they are, Minho loves Jisung with any hair color. (But he definitely plays favorites.)

So, here is how it works: everything Jisung can see is black and white. Yes, everything. You don’t really know what colors are, it’s a concept you get explained by the endless descriptions and testimonies of people around the world who can see it. Doesn’t mean you ever get to understand it, because everywhere you lay your eyes on it’s just light and darkness and lots of grey. That’s pretty much it.

So how does color start to exist in your life? Easy, you have to meet your soulmate.

Jisung cleared his throat, a sudden feeling of embarrassment coming over him. He stared at the paper cup in his hands as he spoke. "So you're really nice and all, and your cocoa is amazing, but the whole lip thing— I can see you staring when I talk and I just wanted to say it's kind of uncom-"

"Uh sorry, strange question, but could you look up at me?" Minho suddenly asked. "I need to read your lips or else I can't really understand what you're saying."

aka Jisung asks barista Minho to stop staring at his lips, not realizing Minho is deaf, and kind of has to. Minho thinks Jisung's lips are pretty

Jisung's recovering from wisdom tooth surgery and Minho is pretty. Exactly what you think will happen, happens.

(Based off of that one video of the man who wakes up after surgery and hits on his wife)

Jisung hid his face in his hands and ran his fingers through his hair, stressed. He glanced back at Hyunjin, trying to force a calm look. “You know what? It’s fine. I can play this stupid bad boy role. I’ve punched someone before.”

Hyunjin blinked. “You punched me. And you cried afterwards.”


Alternatively, Jisung manages to get the reputation of a bad boy, and he's just a little in love with Lee Minho.

His dad's girlfriend was sweet for wanting to help Minho find a boyfriend, going as far as roping her own daughter into bringing over a friend for him to connect with. She meant well, she did.

So maybe that’s why he said it. It was true that he didn’t have time for dating with graduation so soon, but he definitely didn’t have time to disappoint Dahyun, who patted the top of his dad’s head like they were teenagers, Dahyun who managed to place an uncharacteristic pink blush across his dad’s cheeks.

“I’m dating someone,” he’d said.

And without further question or doubt, Dahyun replied, “Oh, then bring him to scary movie night with you. If in the horror movie of our life we decide he dies later than your dad, I approve.”


Or, Minho needs a fake boyfriend for one night and Changbin has an idea.

Lee Minho, president of the student council, meets Han Jisung, known delinquent.

Jisung has always done it. Ever since he was a little kid, he used to chew on everything he could find. Of course, at first it was normal. Little kids do go through an oral stage, in which they put everything they can get their hands on in their mouth. That stage is supposed to end at around two years old, though. Jisung’s just never ended.


Jisung has a habit of biting on stuff. Chan helps him find an alternative that won't have him hurting himself and destroying everything he owns.

Minho is behind the counter, taking orders and misspelling names. Since it’s a university, the coffee shop is fairly full, with a constant background noise of people talking.

Then, out of nowhere, the talking stops, and the thing happens, one of those moments where everybody just collectively decides to fall silent, but one unfortunate soul doesn’t get the memo. In specific, a guy with brown hair and a blue t-shirt sighs into the dead quiet, “Dammit, somebody date me.”

There’s a second where the guy doesn’t realize anything is wrong, but then his expression freezes, and he shrinks down in his seat. Minho is amused, embarrassed on his behalf, all normal reactions. And then the impulse kicks in, the urge to pick the most idiotic and unconventional choice just because he can.

“Okay,” Minho replies, and everybody in the room looks at him. “I will.”

[It isn't fake, but it isn't real, either. Until suddenly, it is.]

The boy unzips his jacket, and Minho almost takes a step back instinctively — almost, because he's greeted with white fur and two wide, scared eyes. The boy has a kitten in there, soaked and shivering, but doubtlessly a kitten.

"Uhm," the boy says. "I kind of need your help."

Minho works at an animal shelter, and Jisung is just a guy who passes by everyday. They've never talked, or even met. Then, suddenly, because of a kitten and a late-night storm, they have.

Jisung's never exactly been the studious type. Sure, he's smart in his own way, but that doesn't necessarily transfer over to the kind of intelligence that the education system relies on. Tired of struggling after his first semester, he takes his friend up on the advice of actually using the school library to work.

Enter Lee Minho, with his soft hair and pretty voice and his eyes that hold the galaxies in them. If he was only pretty, Jisung might've gotten away with just a fleeting crush. Unfortunately for him, Minho is funny and kind and quickly figures out that the fastest way to Jisung's heart is through his stomach-- and by being an attentive friend.

So in short, Jisung's screwed.


Or, the one where Jisung's a little in love with a cute librarian and maybe, just maybe, the cute librarian is a little in love with him too.

It's not that Minho's meant to shut Jisung out of the part of his life that revolves around dance, at least not on purpose. The problem is that every time he tries to open up and share it with him, he finds himself pulling back, holding it close to his chest. He loves dancing. He loves Jisung.

He is absolutely terrified of those two things finally meeting and backfiring on him.


Or, the one where Minho learns several lessons about vulnerability and maybe gets some kisses along the way.

“Do you know he calls you his soulmate?”

Minho almost spits his drink out when Changbin asks this. “Uh, yeah, he wrote this for a broadcast letter, once.”

“No, I mean— he’s actually said it. Out loud. To me,” Changbin says, looking directly at Minho as if he’s trying to gauge the older’s reaction, before he adds, “Without cameras.”

“I’m sure all the members are important to him,” Minho points out.

“Yeah, but he doesn't call the rest of us his soulmates,” Changbin mumbles, under his breath and almost inaudible.


or: Minho and Jisung are soulmates, except it’s not an AU. It’s real life.

“We haven’t decided what we’re doing yet,” Minho tells him, absentmindedly tugging at a loose thread on Jisung’s shirt sleeve.

“What we’re doing?” Jisung quirks an eyebrow. “I assumed you were going home, hyung.”

Okay, so maybe Minho hasn’t really outright said that he’d prefer to spend some of the break with him. He just assumed that was a given, after all.

“I assumed we were spending some of it together.” He tries not to frown, not wanting to show the disappointment he’s feeling that this doesn’t seem to have crossed Jisung’s mind.

“Oh!” But then the younger male’s entire face lights up at the idea, and all traces of that disappointment dissipates, and a small smile begins to curve along Minho’s own lips. “You didn’t mention anything like that—but yeah, okay! What should we do?”


or: Stray Kids are given a short break, and Minho and Jisung make the most out of it.


The other members are all busy! Want to eat ramyeon together? Kek.

Ramyeon? At this hour of the day? Jisung is confused, and he feels like he might be missing something, but the thought of it does have him craving so he shrugs. Minho’s on his way home, at least, so they can eat together.


or: "Would you like to stay for ramyeon?" is the Korean equivalent of Netflix and Chill.

“Hey, ‘Sung?” Minho calls out softly. “Everything alright?”

“Yeah,” Jisung eventually answers, soft and quiet. He leans back, head gently nudging Minho’s chin in a playful manner. “Now, everything is.”

Except, despite Jisung’s declaration that everything is alright, it isn’t.

The thing is that—Minho has a growing problem. In his pants.


or: it isn't by accident that Jisung forgot to bring a camera when he went to spend time with Minho over the break.

Minho's parents thought a change of scenery would be good for him, though he's not too sure. Minho expects to be counting down the days until summer ends and he can go back to a life where nothing happens, and he can fade into the background once more.

Little does he know that the island is full of secrets, potential new friends, an (admittedly talented) garage band, and a pretty surfer that Minho just can't seem to shake off, no matter how hard he tries.

Jisung truly doesn't mean to spend his Friday night holding someone else's sopping clothes in the laundry room of the dorm building while said someone else stares at him with an expression that's a mix of amusement, confusion, and pity.

But here he is, standing in the laundry room of the dorm building, holding the sopping wet clothes of a very amused college student who's valiantly giving his best effort not to straight-up laugh at Jisung.


Or, in which Jisung's dumb, sleep-deprived self accidentally steals Minho's clothes and then Minho shows up at Jisung's door with an impish grin and a needed favor and accidental feelings ensue.

‘Wow, he must lead a very romantic life.’

Lee Minho is a wedding planner who has heard these words uttered about him one too many times; the truth is that he doesn’t believe in marriage, nor does he think much about love. Enter: Han Jisung.

“I bet you a whole month of convenience store runs that you can’t go a week without touching Minho.”

Jisung scoffed, pushing his bangs off his forehead as he stared at Seungmin, “If you wanted to buy me food that bad, you could have just told me. No need for a stupid bet.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Seungmin smirked. “Are we on or what?”

“Oh, it’s on,” Jisung extended his hand to Seungmin and his friend grasped it, pumping it twice. “I can’t wait for a month of free ramen.”

“You sure are cocky for someone who can’t seem to walk down the street without holding Minho’s hand.”

Han Jisung enters too loudly, both the library and Minho's life. All about him, from the messy blue and soft looking strands falling out of place and into his eyes, his breathing coming in short gasps, the huge headphones barely holding on for dear life on the column of his neck—everything screams: not a library goer.

Or: Minho has trouble shhhing this one blue haired loud nuisance.

Minho steps right in front of the other, holding the bunny out in front of him like some sort of offering. And it might as well just be one. The boy chuckles, studying him for a short while. Then, he comes closer, giving Minho one warm smile. “Hi.”

Instead of answering, Minho hurries to pass the bunny to him, their hands touching briefly. Only after that does he speak: “You can always come inside and pet them.”

Or: The three times Minho watches Jisung staring at the bunnies through the pet shop's window and the one time he gets to do more than that.

Han Jisung breaks into a building, gets his hand eaten by a vending machine, and becomes boyfriends with the prettiest man in the universe, all in one night.

The three times Jisung gets jealous seeing Minho and that tall guy together and the one time Minho fixes everything.

P.s.: No Hyunjins were hurt in the making of this.

Or: 3+1 times of jealousy, misunderstandings and reconciliations.

Minho gets home late from practice, and doesn't seem to remember that they switched rooms around the day before.

So maybe he accidentally ends up in the wrong bed, but Jisung isn't exactly complaining.

aka dumb fluff inspired by the 9th s4e4

Minho finds Jisung impossibly maddening and, as much as he tries to stay away from him, Jisung finds a way to get under Minho's skin, making it harder for the older to resist each time.

Just like any other time, Jisung has him wrapped around his finger once again.

Everybody knows Minho has a crush on Jisung, except Jisung and Minho himself. So Chan and Woojin end up interfering with a weird bet.

Jisung always loved attention. He felt the best with a camera directed at his face, when he had the option to make people laugh with his own words or actions. That’s why when one of his friends jokingly told him to become a youtuber, he did it without any more thought.

minho often compares his relationship with jisung to the unfortunate story of icarus and the sun. to minho, jisung was the sun.


minho’s gay and stresses about it constantly, jisung finds out and can’t stop thinking about it.

The power goes out in the dorms. Luckily, Minho is there to provide a helpful distraction.

Minho wants to have a talk about boundaries, and Jisung is all ears.

Minho was parties that went late into the morning and everything that shines and makes people feel something. Jisung was entirely the opposite. He was sweatpants and staying up late to work on songs and waking up a mess. Jisung had bags under his eyes and Minho had rings on his fingers and how he ever fit into Minho’s world, Jisung will never know.

“You have said the same thing for all the clothes? Can I get another reaction? I need a stylish boyfriend to shop for clothes with, not you useless fools.” He crossed his arms and sighed. “A boyfriend really?” Jeongin laughed at him. “Yes I need someone who’s nice, hot, likes to take care of me, has a good fashion sense, and gives me compliments.”

Right as Jisung was about to close the curtain for the last time, Minho came from behind Seungmin and Jeongin.

“Hm, those look nice. Black suits you better than denim,” After he had taken a sip of the coffee again, he held the other up and looked at Jisung. “I bought coffee for you by the way, I couldn’t bear listening to you complain about being tired.” Though his voice was monotone and unbothered, it carried the energy of something endearing.

Seungmin and Jeongin shared a knowing glance, like they knew something the others didn’t.


Jisung desperately wants a boyfriend, someone like, Minho. Yeah! Like Minho! Minho has the emotional quotient of a rock, and has therefore a hard time expressing what he feels.

Misunderstandings, alcohol, confessions, and eventual love.

"Suddenly their eyes meet, and Jisung’s mouth shuts. He gulps. A beat passes before the clerk’s pretty pink lips curl into a smirk. They stare at each other for what feels like a hot minute but then Jisung panics, remembering Hyunjin is standing right behind him and judging him, so then he does the only possible thing he could think of to flirt back; he winks. Take that, Hyunjin! Jisung’s got balls. And, hopefully, Cute Boy’s number—

He doesn’t get Cute Boy’s number.

Because Cute Boy, the clerk that they all thought was a confident gay, just turned bright red and sprinted the fuck away."


Or, the AU where Jisung is a shy tattoo artist and Minho is the bookstore clerk that flirts with him through the window every day. Until Jisung flirts back.

“Do you know the city well?”

Jisung met his eyes evenly. “I grew up here,” he said, proud. “I probably know these streets better than anyone else.”

Minho grinned, walking forward until he was close to the boy again, excitedly grabbing his hand. “Show me the city!” he pleaded, eyes wide and hopeful. “Please!”

Jisung’s mouth dropped, obviously taken aback. He stared down at where Minho held his hand, then back up to his face. “No,” he said. “No way.”


Minho justs wants one night of freedom, to live and experience everything he's always wanted to. And, maybe, the beautiful boy with shining eyes can help with that. If he doesn't steal from him first.

Minho is most definitely a cat person.

But one stray puppy manages to change that.

(alternatively, jisung fucks up a spell and gets a lot more than he bargained for. minho gets...a dog)


"You're staring." Minho had heard Changbin say.

"I'm not."

"You're staring at his ass." Changbin emphasized. "Do you like him?"

"I like his hands."

"You like what?"


Alternative Universe in which Minho loves his best friend Jisung and he would do anything for him, but is there a limit to anything?

Jisung breathed out a sigh of relief, leaning back against the wall. The exhaustion of the fight was beginning to catch up to him, along with the pain. He glanced at Minho. “I had it covered,” he said casually, looking away when Minho fixed him with a criticizing look.

“Is that why you’re bleeding?”

When Lee Minho saves Jisung from an unfortunate encounter with a rival gang, the two become hopelessly entangled as tensions between the two gangs rise.

"Minho asked about you," Hyunjin said carefully.


"He misses you, Jisung."

Or, Jisung and Minho are exes, Hyunjin is just trying to make everything right, and Jisung can't get his song right.

jisung thinks it’s unfair. all he’d wanted was to get out of history of magic class and get some sleep in the hospital wing, not have the school’s heartthrob watch over him as he lies down and stumbles over his words.

(maybe he should have listened to hyunjin.)

Minho thinks that falling for Jisung should come as a surprise.

It should shock him, shake him to his very core like the rush of a thousand fans screaming his name--

But it doesn't.

It’s the way blue ink stains the palms of Jisung’s hands and the way shadows pool underneath his eyes.

It’s the way Minho is late for work four days in a row because he stays up late with bated breath just to hear Jisung’s soft voice filter through the bedroom wall.

It’s the way Jisung stares, too, through eyes heavy with fatigue, and Minho wonders if he ever really sleeps at all.

It’s the way Jisung slowly becomes a little less hurricane, and a little more human.

It wasn’t always like this.

It never crept to the back of Jisung’s mind like this, never kept him awake like this, never morphed into questions that stuck in his throat like this.

But he doesn’t have time to think about the ins and outs of Lee Minho—why he mentions Jisung’s name in every other sentence, why he stares a little longer than he should, why he clings to him with insistent hands when cameras are switched on.

He can’t think about it. He can’t, there’s no time, it doesn’t matter—

Why should it matter when it’s easy for him, too?

Jisung is an ambitious film director struggling to find the right person for the romantic main lead of his next movie. Although there are more than enough actors trying for the role, he has yet to find someone who would fit his specific vision.

Tired of seeing him struggle, Jisung’s friends drag him along to a party where he unexpectedly comes across the perfect person for the role - throwing up in a bathroom stall.

Jisung longs after his closest friend who does not reciprocate his feelings. Years go by without his crush on Minho waning, and after his attempt to move on from this hopeless affair fails, he throws one of his rings into a wishing well as a joke, asking for Minho to love him back. Much to Jisung's surprise, his wish may have been granted for a short while.

Minho tutors Jisung in math. Jisung is a player and devastatingly straight.

However, he doesn't seem to have much of a problem with letting Minho suck his dick every week when Minho propositions him under the guise of earning experience to woo his "crush" - which is none other than Jisung himself. But he doesn't need to know that, right? Right.

Unless, maybe, Minho has a chance at something more after all...?

It becomes harder for Jisung to hook up with strangers and get his bloody fix when all he can think about is the man he's been seeing not-so-casually for months. Minho doesn't know his true nature, and Jisung wants it to stay that way. But as he starves himself and grows undeniably weaker by the second, the secret becomes increasingly harder to keep.

Minho has always loved taking care of him. Maybe a little too much, in this case. Jisung is all too happy to return the favor.

Jisung needs to get laid, plain and simple.

Except it isn't that simple―not when he lets his ego drag him into a bet that requires him to get in his classmate's pants before the end of the semester, not when said classmate with his round glasses and perpetual sweater paws is so easy to fall for, and certainly not when he turns out to be a huge fucking tease.

School is hard. Making friends is hard. Being surrounded by cats helps.

And so does the cute barista who spoils him with free treats and affection, Jisung supposes.

or: Jisung finds a second home (and homework help) in the local cat café and in the starry eyes of one Lee Minho.

cheap shot: a critical statement that takes unfair advantage of a known weakness of the target.

or: Five times Jisung said "ooh, you wanna kiss me so bad," and the one time Minho did.

After wishing on a star, Jisung develops the bizarre ability to see "lust gauges" of the people around him, displaying the current arousal levels of their owners. As if that weren't strange enough, his best friend Minho's gauge is always filled to the brim despite him being one of the most calm and collected people Jisung knows. Is something wrong with his new power, or is Minho seriously that horny?

Jisung figures he should take matters into his own hands―literally―before Minho's unhinged lust becomes a serious problem. Other problems arise, like worrying over Minho so much he has no time to use his new power to score himself a girlfriend.

That, and the complicated feelings that inevitably come with the territory of sleeping with his best friend.

Minho becomes somewhat enamoured with his guitar-playing, muscle-shirt wearing new neighbour from across the street at number 16.

Or, a shameless, strangers-to-lovers, aged up, parents!minsung fic where Jisung, a single Dad, meets Minho, also a single Dad.

He’s just about given up, ready to grab his stuff and head home to eat on the sofa, curled up watching some sort of soppy drama.

That is, until the hottest guy Jisung might’ve ever seen walks up to him, cocking his head to the side and scanning Jisungs form on his latest attempt at the gym's equipment.

“Do you need some help? You seem like you’ve been kinda struggling for the last half an hour and I thought I’d come check if you’re doing okay.”

Jisung is ready to curl up into a ball and never come back out.

Or: Jisung got himself an overly touchy personal trainer and he's not sure how many touches it'll take till he snaps.

“Alright then. I will get off the next station, so...”

“I have to get off there to.” Minho rambles. He doesn’t even know where ‘there’ is. But there is no way that he’ll just let his soulmate slip away at some train station.

Or: When you turn twenty-one, you stop aging until you start seeing the face of your soulmate in your dreams. Minho meets his soulmate, Han Jisung, on a train back home.

Don't look, he tells himself. This isn't a drama. He's not going to be staring back at you through the rain.

But of course he doesn't listen to himself. He looks, and of course, of course— Jisung is staring back.

(or, minho falls hopelessly in love with his new neighbor)

“You’re actually going to be the death of me,” Jisung laughed airily.

“You can’t die!” Minho gasped, lightly hitting Jisung. “Who’s going to protect me when I make more dumb decisions?”

Or, Jisung is a guardian angel tasked to protect Minho, one of the most loathed thieves of their kingdom.

What is worst than being held hostage by the clan of the North, the strongest and most ruthless pirate clan of Symphonia? If you asked this question to Lee Minho, an accomplished pirate navigator, he would probably answer being forced to get along with his self-designated rival, Han Jisung.

But fate didn't show itself generous towards Minho, just like this time where it forced an arduous mission upon him through the mysterious necklace he always wears.

(Or, a pirate AU where Jisung and Minho will be forced to work together, to Jisung's greatest joy and Minho's greatest despair.)

They weren't supposed to be anything more than best friends who fucked occasionally — casually, of course, totally platonically — but something about New York changed the way Minho looks at Jisung.

“What’s your story about, then?” Minho asks.

Jisung winces. “And therein lies my problem,” he admits. “My story is about nothing so far.”

“Well, what kind of story are you thinking of writing?”

Jisung thinks about the kind of stories he wants to tell—the kind of stories he used to write when he was younger; stories about superheroes, and fantastical adventures; about young boys with big dreams and even bigger promise and determination.

That was the kind of boy he used to be, and maybe that’s why it’s so hard to write the same kinds of stories now. He’s attached to the same hero, but it’s not who he has become.

Alternatively; In which Jisung decides to temporarily move to a small rural village in an attempt to battle writer's block.

The only reason that Jisung's eyes keep flickering to his professor's lips as he talks is because he's trying to really digest what he's saying, and that's it. It's not because he's thinking about what it would be like to feel the shape of them on his own, if they're as soft as they look, if they're as sweet as the words that leave them. Would they taste like his regular drink at the campus cafe?

(or: Jisung is happy, and he is in love.)

“Is th-that normal?” he stammers, body screaming at him to do that again.

“Perfectly normal,” Minho reassures. “Want to make it even better?”

“Alright,” the blonde furrowed his eyebrows in thought, then clapped when he came up with an idea. “Make out with the best looking person in the circle!”

“Anyone have a mirror?” Pretty boy smirked, “It’s a bit difficult to make out with myself.”

That got a cackle from most of the group, but his blonde friend whined, “Minho! Do it right.”


But then Jisung’s chin was being knocked out of the hand he had propped on his knee and the pretty boy was in his lap, arms draping themselves over Jisung’s shoulders as he grinned at him.

Jisung blinked, then flushed, “Um, I think you have the wrong lap.”

“This is your lap, correct?” Minho quirked an eyebrow and Jisung nodded feverishly, his cheeks red. “It’s the right lap then.”

“Why do you keep looking at the door?”

“Huh?” Jisung turned his gaze to his roommate, who was eyeing him suspiciously.

“You keep glancing at the door every two seconds,” Chan pointed out.

“Oh,” Jisung hadn’t even realized he was doing it. “I’m waiting for someone.”


Jisung dug into his pocket and pulled out his phone, scrolling for a few seconds before he found what he was looking for, “Ah ha. His name is Minho.”

“Do I want to know what’s going on?”

“Hyunjin! Hyunjin! Hyunjin!” Each call of his friend’s name was accompanied by a slap on the arm. “Hyunjin! Hyunjin! Hyun…”

Hyunjin caught Jisung’s wrist as he went to smack him again, “What?”

Jisung blinked, momentarily forgetting why he had wanted his friend’s attention in the first place. He pursed his lips, glancing around the room and…oh. That was why.

“Who’s that?” Jisung wiggled his wrist out of Hyunjin’s grasp and pointed to the pretty boy standing in front of the open refrigerator.

Hyunjin gave him a weird look, That’s Minho.”

“Minho,” Jisung rolled the name off his tongue, enjoying the way it tasted in his mouth. He pursed his lips before coming to a decision. “I’m in love with him.”

The bell above the door chimed, letting Minho know that a patient had walked in. He straightened behind the desk and adjusted the circular glasses that had begun to slip down his nose. No one had come in yet today and he’d gotten a bit sloppy in the half hour that they’d been open.


The boy nodded at him, hands shoved deep in the pockets of his jeans as he slowly made his way towards the counter Minho was perched behind. He had messy, slightly overgrown blonde hair and large brown eyes, which were darting nervously between Minho and the display glasses that lined the walls.

“Are you here for your appointment?” Minho kept the same chipper tone from his greeting, his fingers poised over the keyboard as he smiled up at the boy. “What’s your name?”

“Han Jisung.”

“Han Jisung,” Minho hummed, quickly typing it in and pulling up the boy’s information. “Ah, this is your first time seeing an eye doctor.”

“You took the last slice of cheesecake.”

Minho looked up as a stranger collapsed into the seat across from him, a pout on his full cheeked face.

Minho blinked, then lowered his gaze to the slice of cake on his plate before glancing back up at the kid who had infiltrated his lunch table. He shrugged, “Guess I did.”

“I’m here to bribe you for it,” the boy placed his elbows on the table and dropped his chin into his hands, puffing up his cheeks and widening his already large eyes. His voice was laced with aegyo as he stared cutely at Minho, “Can I please have the cheesecake?”


Jisung lifted his head from his cupped hand where, no, he had not been napping, and blinked at the boy in front of him.

“I didn’t know you worked here!” the boy gasped, obviously thrilled to see Jisung.

Jisung stared at him, his sleep deprived brain failing to put a name to the smiling face in front of him. But the boy clearly knew him, so Jisung did his best to lace familiarity into his voice as he answered, “Ah, yeah, I just switched shifts. I used to do afternoons.”


The more Jisung looked at him, the blanker his mind went. He couldn’t conjure a name and, if he was being honest, he didn’t even recognize his face. And he had a great face. Jisung was sure he would be able to remember a face like that, even when he was half dead.

jisung gets glasses, and minho’s world falls apart.

(or christmas is coming soon, and suddenly nothing minho wanted to get the younger boy feels quite right.)

Anyone who knows Minho is aware that he’s a devout catholic. He’s always found solace in the linear ritual of communion, in the thick smell of burning incense, and the familiar repetition of church hymns.

There’s no doubt in his mind that God and all of His angels exist; however, he’s always denied the existence of spirits.

And then his ramen starts levitating.

“What the hell?”

The figure jumped at Minho’s sleep heavy voice, the microwave offering just enough light for Minho to see him turn, but not enough to make out any of his features. A few seconds later brightness flooded the room and Minho groaned, his hands slapping up to cover his eyes as his blanket pooled around his waist.

“Turn the lights back off.”

The boy didn’t listen, “Were you sleeping here?”

Minho pulled his hands away to give the boy a proper glare, hoping his bedhead and swollen face wouldn’t weaken the effect. The boy didn’t seem fazed, just blinked at Minho, waiting for an answer.

“Yes, I was sleeping here,” Minho finally grumbled, dropping back down onto the couch and tugging the blanket up over his face. “Can’t you make popcorn in your own room?”

“Can’t you sleep in your own room?” the boy countered. Minho ignored him. “I don’t have a microwave anymore. There was a bit of a fire situation.”

Jisung can't stop ending up in detention, which is completely and utterly bland until Hogwarts's most notorious Slytherin shows up and won't stop calling him "squirrel face".

“How long are you in town, Han Jisung?”

Jisung took a sip of his rapidly cooling latte before answering, “A couple of months, just for the rest of the summer.” It wasn’t uncommon for families to have timeshares or to rent extended-stay housing for the entire summer, but Minho didn’t expect for someone who chose to vacation next to the sea to stay inside his coffee shop all day eating sweets and wearing beanies.

“You’re going to get tired of the cheesecake,” he noted.

“Challenge absolutely accepted.”

“I wasn’t—okay, then.” Minho huffed out a laugh at the serious expression on Jisung’s face, such a contrast from the wide smile that settled there just moments before. “We’ll need to stock up on our syrup inventory, I guess.”

“Not if the Jinyoung guy takes any more of your shifts, you won’t.”

“I’ll be sure he doesn’t.”

Jisung nodded, grabbed his latte, and returned to his seat.

Jinyoung, Don’t skimp beanie latte guy out of his vanilla sweetener. Two pumps!!!! -Minho


Or, Minho's home for the summer and nothing is as he remembers it: there's a new regular at his coffee shop and a new neighbor next door

Jisung sees something he shouldn't .... and doesn't look away.

“What do you think of gay adoption?” Jisung asks again, taking a mouthful of cereal.

“I mean,” Minho furrows his brows, “I am gay, right? You do know that.”

“Of course I know that. I wouldn’t move in with a hettie if it killed me,” Jisung grimaces at the mere concept. “But I mean, for us.”

Minho closes his eyes and purses his lips, “come again?”


Minho and Jisung adopt a Dracaena and then some.

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