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oh god it's wonderful
to get out of bed
and drink too much coffee
and smoke too many cigarettes
and love you so much
— frank o'hara, steps

listography NEW JOURNAL

admittedly pretty generic...


  • bungee jump (queenstown, new zealand)
  • climb the statue of liberty (new york, US)
  • climb the sydney harbour bridge (sydney, australia)
  • experience oktoberfest (munich, germany)
  • kayak in halong bay (quang ninh, vietnam)
  • live in a foreign country for six months
  • scuba dive in the great barrier reef (queensland, australia)
  • swim in the dead sea
  • view mount rushmore (south dakota, US)
  • visit christ the redeemer (rio, brazil)
  • visit machu picchu (cusco region, peru)
  • visit petra (ma'an, jordan)
  • visit the 'alright' wall of china
  • visit the colosseum (rome, italy)
  • visit the louvre (paris, france)
  • visit the notre dame cathedral (paris, france)
  • visit the universal studios (california, US)
  • visit the wailing wall (jerusalem, israel)
  • visit uluru (alice springs, australia)


  • learn about ancient mythology
  • learn all of the canadian provinces and territories
  • learn all of the capitals of the world
  • learn all of the flags of the world
  • learn all of the main streets of melbourne
  • learn all of the US states
  • learn astrology
  • learn basic español
  • learn basic french
  • learn basic vietnamese
  • learn how to perform CPR
  • learn html, css, php, javascript
  • learn human anatomy
  • learn karate
  • learn latin
  • learn the guitar
  • learn the harmonica
  • learn the violin
  • learn to drive a manual
  • learn to knit/crochet/embroid
  • learn to play pool
  • learn to play the drums
  • learn to play the violin
  • learn to ride a motorbike
  • learn to rollerskate
  • learn to sight read (well)
  • learn to skateboard
  • learn to surf
  • take a course in barista training
  • take a course in first aid
  • take a course in poetry

self + miscellaneous

  • become a vegan for an entire year
  • become a vegetarian for an entire year
  • bind a book
  • compose a piano piece
  • donate blood [x]
  • go without technology for one month (mobile phone, december 2012)
  • make homemade candles/soap/shampoo/lotion
  • milk a cow (super ambitious)
  • pledge to be an organ donor [x] (dec, 2014 + zac)
  • read the complete works of albert camus
  • read the complete works of oscar wilde
  • read the complete works of sylvia plath
  • read the complete works of ted hughes
  • read the complete works of william shakespeare
  • solve a 3x3 rubik's cube
  • take part in the 40 hour famine
feb 4 2011 ∞
dec 24 2014 +