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oh god it's wonderful
to get out of bed
and drink too much coffee
and smoke too many cigarettes
and love you so much
— frank o'hara, steps

jacqueline follows:
frühjahr events (wedding)
home and garden (garden)
home and garden
in full bloom ~ florist (market stall)
to do (in my lifetime)
  • boag, paul - website owner's manual
  • bringhurst, robert - the elephents of typographic style
  • budd, andy - css mastery: advanced web standards solutions
  • cederholm, dan - bulletproof web design: improving flexibility and protecting against worst-case scenarios with xhtml and css
  • cederholm, dan - web standard solutions: the markup and style handbook
  • cohen, june - the unusually useful web book
  • cullen, kristin - layout workbook: a real-world guide to building pages in graphic design
  • curtis, nathan a. - modular web design: creating reusable components for user experience design and documentation
  • grannel, craig - the essential guide to css and html web design
  • hipp, mason - the unlimited freelancer
  • johnson, jeff - web bloopers: 60 common web design mistakes, and how to avoid them
  • krug, steve - don't make me think: a common sense approach to web usability
  • lupton, ellen - thinking with type: a critical guide for designers, writers, editors, & students
  • mcneil, patrick - the web designer's idea book: the ultimate guide to themes, trends & styles in website design
  • mumaw, stefan - caffeine for the creative mind: 250 exercises to wake up your brain
  • o'reilly, john - recharge your design batteries
  • schafer, steven m. - html, xhtml, and css bible
  • shea, dave - the zen of css design: visual enlightenment for the web
  • snook, jonathan - the art and science of css
  • spiekermann, erik - stop stealing sheep & find out how type works
  • stocks, elliot jay - sexy web design: creating interfaces that work
  • ta'eed, collis - how to be a rockstar freelancer
  • ta'eed, collis - how to be a rockstar wordpress designer
  • unger, russ - a project guide to ux design: for user exerience designers in the field or in the making
  • zeldman, jeffrey - designing with web standards
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