• anna /annie (´ ∀ ` *)
  • they/them/she/her
  • 18 sagittarius sun
  • indonesian
  • eng/ina
  • intp-t 8w7
  • gendered terms r ok

please put tw on trypophobia and frogs, thank u!

aug 5 2021 ∞
feb 5 2022 +
  • taxi driver
  • run on
  • racket boys

feel free to recommend me movies, tv series or dramas!

oct 4 2021 ∞
feb 4 2022 +

this account doesn't really fit into any category, i will mostly talk about things i enjoy and sometimes i talk about things i dislike too. i sometimes vent about things thats been bugging me irl and i like to post pictures of my cats sometimes.

i usually wont fb if we dont have any mutuals in common and i wont hesitate to soft/hard block if someone makes me uncomf in any ways.

please dont follow if you are under 15, post too much nsfw content and/or fit the basic dfi criteria. i would like my account to be a safe place for everyone ^__^

aug 5 2021 ∞
aug 5 2021 +

please note that my interests tend to change overtime! feel free to talk to me about these things.

  • genshin impact, ar54 asia, dm for my uid!!
  • kpop: cix (my ults), treasure, twice, svt, everglow, oneus, itzy, red velvet.
  • krnb&hh; esp. crush, boycold, leehi, big naughty, woo wonjae, mirani, punchnello, dpr ian, wavy, penomeco.
  • young avengers (thinkfast <3) generation x etc
  • i like to write sometimes! archive
  • fashion n wrecking albums n drawing
  • animangas!!!! esp. blp , wha and dgm myanimelist
  • movies n tv shows, some of my favs: haunting series, sex ed, ragnarok, mc:tna, teen wolf lbxd
  • books! (not much but my faves are mcatgoa and iwwv)
  • editing videos
aug 5 2021 ∞
feb 5 2022 +