【why am i not online or as active?】

  • i get Sad sumtimes and tend to not tweet much
  • i also have class from time to time im ex vet assistant going *airplane emoji* nursing major soon
  • if im not active that's probably where i am. dms are always open if you need me tho!

【i Really do not like to see】

  • talk of grades in school/ in depth talk of university and degrees
  • obvi no incest/pedophilia ships
  • jokes about animal death/beastiality/abuse (all that harambe bull shit, vids of of people harming animals)
  • please don't vague me just dm me and we can work things out
  • i'll work on this list but Ya im bad at pinpointing what upsets me lol


  • dfi if you’re under 16 for safety reasons!
  • i can be pretty gross/obnoxious
  • i cuss a lot
  • joke around a lot
  • im very affectionate to friends/mutuals
  • i consider myself friendly
  • if i ever make you uncomfortable or something is up dm me!
  • i know a lot of ppl like to have their tweets liked when read but i have a terrible memory and im always just. mindlessly scrolling so im sorry if i forget to like your tweets! i try my best!
  • i consider myself to be a pretty mild mannered person and i rarely get into any arguments bc of this. i really cannot stand disputes of any kind and i never confront people. so please never involve me in arguments!! especially ones that involve picking sides.

【other accs】

  • priv: @sasukefanclub (mutuals only)
  • curious cat: @outofbodyz
sep 15 2016 ∞
feb 2 2019 +