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kenny | they/them | i love women

discord - kenny#2863


hi im kenny. hnn i love luigi and i REALLY like all mario rpgs they are <333

a lot of times my typing comes out as emotionless / sarcastic and i don't try to be ,,, pls note <3

i am neurodivergent and i'm only saying this b/c ... i am really passionate about my special interests and also i have difficulty understanding things :o) i say this a lot but all i can ask is for you to please be patient with me

jan 30 2019 ∞
aug 18 2019 +

hi ,,, pleas do not mention / show these things to me ily i have genuine trauma connected to them and they make me dissociate / break down :(

  • south park
  • danganronpa, more specifically komaeda, junko, and ouma
  • the comic lore olympus ??
  • the q, r, and f slur
  • ANY abuse / r*pe mentions or jokes
  • loud noises / yelling
  • self harm ( real or not )
  • irl gore, even blood
  • bird death ( images or mentions )
  • discourse

sensory overloads

  • typing in all caps
  • excessive amounts of break/kid/webcore
  • excessive amounts of gifs
  • people speaking over each other / loud no...
aug 17 2019 ∞
aug 18 2019 +

my one good friend on this hellsite

  • frankie (ratrum)!!! thankz for being my friend for 3(?) years !!! ive changed a lot as a person and it's nice to have someone support me, i hope i've helped you as well !!!

cool people

  • mutatedroach | qennel | kemonboys


  • bbyyy | your-future-step-dad | bat-b0y | dolcisprinkles | moggiedelight
aug 3 2019 ∞
aug 17 2019 +
  • i hate fetish accounts if you are one and you watch me i will beat you to death
  • if u get into and post about drama or lgbt discourse often please do not watch me :-) it is stressful

ok that's all i ask thank u <3

aug 18 2019 ∞
aug 18 2019 +
  • i am not going to call you by kin names because i have fictive alters
  • do not drag me into discourse anymore, if you post about it im going to unwatch you, it makes me physically ill


  • understand that i have a language processing disorder and can not use neopronouns, including it/its. i can not comprehend sentences that use them. i am not trying to misgender you and don't call me names or tell me to get therapy because it causes me distress, thanks.
  • same goes with: if you tell me you're a boy/girl but use the opposite pronouns, i can not stress this enough, be patient with me , i don't have an allistic mind so don't expect me to act like it.
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