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Hi I'm Charlie, and welcome to hell :3c

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Hi I'm Charlie! You can also call me Navi or Meme.

  • 23/Pan/transmale/ENG
  • dating @Kimagure_Mercy
  • I'm really RT heavy, but lately I'm trying to hold back and also trying to tweet more.
  • I'm mentally ill and suffer with Bipolar type 2 and generalized anxiety disorder, so sometimes I'll tweet about it. I also have some pretty bad identity issues.
  • I talk about Rumi Wakui from Idolm@ster: Cinderella Girls A LOT.
  • I make really stupid tweets sometimes, but I'm really just a dumbass so please don't take some of them seriously(I'll usually clarify if it's a joke tweet anyway..)I basically shitpost normally.
  • I cosplay! I was on break for a bit, but I'm slowly getting back into it!
  • I'm the father of two rabbits(due to some personal reasons, only one can stay with me while the other can't, but he's somewhere I can check up on him!)
  • My birthday is 1/22
  • I play a lot of mobage and video games in general!
  • I have kins, but I really don't care much about doubles!
  • I'm trying to learn Japanese a bit, so sometimes you'll see me using that, but it's from google translate at the moment so ^^;;
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