• BYF i will spam a lot especially if my oshis gets a new card, block jokes are not okay!!! please dont do block jokes to me (unless its just an ss of u about to block me), i associate myself with hello kitty, all my rants will be untagged (except i have some touchy topics mentioned),i have a lot of yumes (oc x canon) so please dont judge me HAHAH, I CALL ALL OF MY OSHIS WHORE!!!!
  • DNI A3TWT MAIN (Or if you're in the a3 subtwt...), ENSTARRIES. doesnt matter what kind of enstarrie you are please stay away from me, IF YOU MAKE KYS JOKES, i feel highly uncomfortable with proshipping !!! (current oomfs are okay as long as you dont talk about it with me, you're one of my old mutuals from my old acc (@pacarazul or @yumetsumugis) if i dont allow you to follow me here please dont follow :'( i swear its nothing personal /srs
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