people already know that, usually, my YM status is some line from a song

  • you've got magic inside your fingertips ("Magic," Colbie Caillat)
  • we're bobbing along in our barrel/some of us tip right over the edge ("I Wonder Why The Wonderfalls," Andy Partridge)
  • you're the crescendo/to that melody, that melody I love ("Everyday Is A Holiday," Esthero)
  • kung maibibigay ko lang ang sinasabi mo/di na sana tayo nagkakagulo-gulo/pasensiya ka na/hanggang dito na lang muna tayo ("Tulak Ng Bibig," Julianne)
  • Here's a simplification of everything we're going though/You plus me is bad news/But you're a lovely creation and I like to think that I am too/But my friends said I look better without you. ("Love on the Rocks," Sara Bareilles)
  • Built a wall around my heart/Never let it fall apart/Strangely I wish secretly/It would fall down while I'm asleep ("Nothing Lasts Forever," Maroon 5)
  • And the pain will fade/I'll get back on my feet/It's not the end of me/My heart is still open/I'm bruised but not broken ("Bruised But Not Broken," Joss Stone)
  • don't you know that, that patience is a virtue,/and life is a waiting game ("Seasons Change," Corinne Bailey Rae)
  • Cause I've tried to do this right in your own time/I've been telling you with my eyes, my heart's on fire,/Why don't you realize? ("Breathless," Corinne Bailey Rae)
  • Out of control, I don’t know where to go/‘Cause you were my map when I found you ("After All," Sondre Lerche)
  • I don't give a damn, I'm happy as a clam. ("Nobody Knows Me At All," The Weepies)
  • It's a mean world but I don't care/Try and steal this/Can't steal this happiness ("Happiness," The Weepies)
  • Pink Magnolia, blushing and coy/Savors the sun while she shines ("Stars," The Weepies)
  • I could think of a million ways/You proved you weren't the one ("All Good Things," The Weepies)
  • If I should be so bold/I'd ask you to hold my heart in your hand ("If It Kills Me," Jason Mraz)
  • It's your God-forsaken right to be loved, loved, loved ("I'm Yours," Jason Mraz)
  • And timing's everything/And this time there's plentyI am balancing careful and steady/And reveling in energy that everyone's admitting ("Make It Mine," Jason Mraz)
  • Let's weave our days together like waves and particles of light. ("Simple Life," The Weepies)
  • I'm going to do my part and make this a positively beautiful day. ("Beautiful Day," India Arie)
  • In the end the only steps that matter are the ones you take all by yourself. ("Can't Go Back Now," The Weepies)
  • I'll let you fall in love with me/Show you how easy it can be ("California Girl," Tristan Prettyman
  • You're wearing out my favorite song ("Heartbeat Radio," Sondre Lerche)
  • Tuesday mornings I go to the sea/that is a place where I love to be/I hope you will be there/and I will be there, too ("Blue Skies," Club 8)
  • Now let the sun shine in/and clouds pass through/I want our sky to open up here too/'Cause I need heaven just like you ("Heaven," Club 8)
  • And everyone says this love will change you/Well, I ask: Isn't that what love's supposed to do? ("Same Changes," The Weepies)
  • to be continued...
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