• If applying for an rp, use your personal account or fanaccount. No dummy accounts will be entertained.
  • Show respect for the captains and to your fellow guests. No triggering and 18+ content should not be seen on the timeline.
  • Each person or operator is only allowed three rps each. Only apply for a second rp if you are sure you'll be able to handle it. Changing of rp is not allowed. Do not choose an rp that is listed in our forbidden faceclaims list.
  • Operators under 18 are not allowed to engage in anything sexual using their rps. Likewise, no rps that are minors should be involved in anything sexual as well.
  • If going on hiatus, inform Base as soon as possible. Semi-hiatus lasts for one week, and hiatus lasts for two weeks; you will be kicked out once you have gone past ...
oct 30 2018 ∞
dec 25 2018 +

Listed below are the list of known people/ulzzangs who have announced or talked about their discomfort and/or distaste in being roleplayed on their social media accounts or interviews. Please DO NOT apply as any of the following people to show respect for their decision and desire to not be roleplayed.

  • Son Hwamin / @hwa.min
  • Jo / @cowsel
  • Kim Jisung / @kijikush
  • @_____kkkkkkkkay_____
  • Christian Yu / @christianyu_
  • IU / Lee Jieun (soloist)

Below are the faceclaims the heads and captains will be using so please do not apply as any of the following.

  • @kkmmmkk
  • @cherryquiri
  • @jung.y00n
nov 2 2018 ∞
nov 10 2018 +

Reserved rps are in italics.


  • AOA. seolhyun.
  • BLACKPINK. jisoo. jennie. rosé. lisa.
  • (G)-IDLE. yuqi.
  • IZ*ONE. sakura. chaeyeon. yujin. wonyoung.
  • LOONA. heejin. jinsoul. gowon. yeojin.
  • PRISTIN. roa. jieqiong.
  • Red Velvet. seulgi. wendy. joy. yeri.
  • TWICE. tzuyu.
  • Weki Meki. doyeon. lucy.


  • BTS. jin. suga. rm. jimin. v. jungkook.
  • DAY6. youngk.
  • EXO. baekhyun. chanyeol.
  • Golden Child. daeyeol.
  • NCT. taeyong. jaehyun. winwin. lucas. mark. xiaojun. hendery. renjun. jeno. jaemin. yangyang. chenle. jisung. haechan.
  • SEVENTEEN. jeonghan.
oct 29 2018 ∞
jan 9 2019 +