in order of biggest to smallest

  • sxcboi103 07/05/2013-????

pretty nice guy I guess, I like him a lot ♥♥♥ WE MADE OUT HAHAHHAHAHAH

  • cinnamon: 13/03/09-Sept 2011

I thought he was really good-looking and we used to have a lot of fun together but then he moved away and is no longer my type

  • ben 10: 25/03/11-(unspecified)

We were friends for a while and then I had a lot of fun with him, but then my crush just faded away. we are still good friends

  • zebra: 28/02/12-04/06/12

He is really LAME

  • king renly: 07/08/12-(unspecified)

LAME guy

  • onion: 02/06/11-cont

I met him at a showcase and he was too hot to forget but is now LAME

  • lasagna: 19/10/11-(unspecified)

I liked him because he was really cool and cute, but now he is LAME

  • spongebob: 09/02/10-08/03/10

I thought he was funny and cute, but I grew tired of him

  • spongebob: a week in december, 2009

I thought he was really cute

  • rofl: 2008

I've always thought he was really cute (still is)

  • yogo: 06/04/09-04/09/09

weird crush I had on this guy I never talked to, these were dark times

  • tiny teddy: a few weeks in 2008

I thought he was cute

  • panda: 2010

I liked him be because he was really fun, but he's gone now and LAME

  • supre: 2008

I liked him during first term of school it was really fucked up

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