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This is a list of our system members.
We are a quoigenic system.
The body is 16 years old and uses he/him pronouns.
Pronouns are listed in order of preference.
# of members: 250

MuC N++++# [m;m/f/n/o] S.H+/Uz/Sa+/Mc+/R/A"Transformer"+/S.Lf A(b-- r---/+++!!) On/w/i We+/f^ Cc+ I--- OF(r+ o++) P~ Fjh(j+/x/~/n/pw/#) T++#* Xb+!(g/b/a/p/o/-+!~) Ja/x/u Do/j R C+++ So+

Keter System follows:
Smores System Member (Mirage (Elliot Witt))
System Member (Younger Elizabeth Comstock)
System Member (Elizabeth Comstock)
System Member (Inky...)
System Member (The Outsider)
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  • Usually keeps quiet, communicates with emojis if need be.
  • Unknown age.
  • he/him, they/them
  • non-binary guy
  • gay
  • 32'
mar 26 2019 ∞
mar 26 2019 +