nice to meet you, i am sara!

here are some things you need to know about me:

  • 20+ (somehow i'm an adult??)
  • she/her pronouns
  • about to graduate college (eep!)
  • i write sometimes but complain about it all the time.
  • i am a half butt who talks a lot about her other half, winny bear, and you'll just have to get used to it.
  • wataya arata is my anime husband.
  • i love michimiya yui and kageyama tobio with all of my heart.

those are the very basics~ ✿

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feb 5 2018 +

baccano! is my favorite series. haikyuu!! is my most cherished fandom and biggest muse (before hq!! it was bleach, but kubo killed that dead), and i have several smaller fandoms too, of course! haisute (the live-action stage play for haikyuu!!) and all of its boys are yet another obsession of mine. i also watch and live-tweet about a lot of k-dramas.

ships: daiyui, kagehina, iwaoi, kuroken, bokuaka, and tsukiyachi (haikyuu!!), hitsukarin and ichiruki (bleach), chihaya/arata (chihayafuru), kacchako (bnha), meruem/komugi (hxh), lenkaho (la corda d'oro), and horikashi (gsnk), among others.

if i didn't include a ship, i either notp it, am indifferent to it, or like it but just don't talk about it enough to give it a mention. basically i love childhood friends, opposites attract pairings, height differences, and/or strong partnerships~ ♦

jan 27 2016 ∞
feb 6 2018 +

because haikyuu!! needs its own category, of course~

fave team: karasuno!

second fave team: honestly, every morning i wake up and spin a giant wheel, and it lands on either seijou, fukurodani, or datekou.

fave charas: yui, kageyama, daichi, moniwa, ennoshita, iwaizumi, and, more recently, hanamaki.

haisute faves: kimura tatsunari, kanai sonde, akisawa kentaro, kondou shouri, nagata takato, yoshimoto kouki, kohatsu allen, and shirakashi judai.

a more complete list of ships: daiyui, kagehina, iwaoi, kuroken, bokuaka, tsukiyachi, asanoya, kagesuga, monisuga, yamafuku, iwayui, yuimao, ennotana, terumisa, and matsuhana. i'm honestly fine with seeing/discussing most pairings, even if they're not on this list!

pairings i just can't seem to ship: daisuga, ushioi, oikage, kurotsukki, tsukkiyama, bokuroo, kurodai, and ukatake. if i don't like a ship, that doesn't mean ...

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feb 6 2018 +

here are things i enjoy :

  • mutual or one-sided pining is one of my fave tropes. throw in (not too aggressive) jealousy and i'm sold.
  • sweet dashes of fluff.
  • future fic/aged up.
  • long distance (and reunions).
  • secret dating or fake dating.
  • getting together.
  • friends-to-lovers.
  • implied nsfw.
  • cute aus (coffee shop, uni, role/age reversal, etc).
  • slow build, coming of age, and character study fics.
  • gen fic is always a weakness!!
  • soft, subtle, gentle, fluid writing always grips my heart.

here are things i don't enjoy as much:

  • gory, action-y stuff.
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