• a fear of snakes, mice, bats, and other creatures that tend to make girls scream. i held a boa constrictor around my neck when i was six or seven. i had pet hamsters, and the difference between mice and hamsters is so tiny that i don't see why people are afraid. and i held and fed a bat at the milwaukee zoo. there's nothing scary about it!
  • fear of blood. unless you're being an idiot about it, somebody's blood isn't going to hurt you. it's made up of specialized cells, just like everything else in your body.
  • fear of doctors or dentists. so many people are afraid of their doctors. why? the doctor makes you feel better. the dentist makes your mouth clean and fresh. why be scared of it?
  • fear of needles. it amazes me how many people are scared of needles. they don't hurt. they do good things (make you immune to scary diseases, take your blood to give to people who need it, give you fluid if you're dehydrated). nurses always love getting me at blood drives and vaccination clinics because i'm the only person there who doesn't freak out. (truthfully, though, i cannot watch another person being injected with the blood drive needle. it makes me almost pass out. it's not the needle itself though, just seeing it moving under their skin.)
  • fear of heights. i like heights. as along as i don't jump or fall, i'm all good. i love getting to the top of the rock climbing wall. and i loved being at the top of the st. louis arch looking down. (although the attraction itself was entirely overrated.)
  • fear of flying. you're less likely to die in a plane crash than in a car accident. end of story.
  • fear of water. i don't understand this one either. all you have to do in order to float is hold your breath and relax your body. if you're floating, you're not sinking. if you're not sinking, you're not drowning, so why be afraid?
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