• spiders. it's ridiculous, because i know those tiny little ones can't hurt me, but i can't sleep if there's one in the room. i can't concentrate on anything if i know there are spiders around.
  • open spaces. some people are claustrophobic, but i'm the opposite. small spaces always seem cozy to me. big, open spaces freak me out. my heart would start pounding so fast if i went to the grand canyon or some such place.
  • talking on the phone. i can talk to my boyfriend. i can talk to my mom. i can talk to my best friend and my former roommate. but that's about it. i cannot answer the phone at work. i could never be a telemarketer. i don't even like calling acquaintances or relatives i don't see every day.
  • public speaking. i'm getting better at it after having to give the occasional speech or presentation. but you will never see me volunteer to go first. i will still be silently panicking until twenty minutes after it's done.
  • losing jon. and i can't decide whether it's rational or irrational. i know he doesn't want to leave me, but i have this constant fear that he's going to find someone better.
  • vomit. it is the only bodily fluid that i cannot handle. i have to love you a ridiculous amount to put up with you vomiting. and even then i'll be panicking inside.
jun 3 2009 ∞
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