• letting a friend's friend come visit for halloween weekend in madison. first of all, it's halloween weekend and it's crazy to begin with. second of all, after barely speaking to me all day and night, he finally asked me at about 3 am if he could spend the night in my room. um... no. what i learned: do not, under any circumstances, agree to meet up with a boy you barely know. i got off easy. it could have been so much worse.
  • accepting an invitation to a party from an ex-abercrombie model. okay, so one of my buddies played saturday night poker with this guy. and yeah, i'll admit that i was pretty enthralled with him because he was so ridiculously good-looking. he and my buddy came to my dorm room one night and asked me if i'd like to come to a party in the model's room. i said sure. mere seconds after i got there, the party was busted for underage drinking. i now have a bad mark on my record and i don't even drink. moral: no matter how good looking he is, don't lose your morals.
  • i told a "good friend" about the last guy i kind of sort of dated before leaving for college. she asked if maybe a lasting relationship could have formed if we hadn't ended up at colleges in different states. i said yeah, maybe. you never know. she then woke up my best friend, who happened to have an enormous crush on me, to tell him that i had found "the one" and he was going to school in a different state. that best friend is now my boyfriend, and he won't let me hear the end of that story. and the "good friend?" yeah, we don't talk that much anymore. what i learned: figure out why she's so interested in your past relationships before you tell her about them.
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