• the expression "went missing"
  • the expression "as it were"
  • "gen-you-wine"
  • "muh-two-uhr"
  • "thee-ay-ter"
  • referring to something, like laughter, as "catching"
  • when people refer to chicago or nyc or whatever as "the city"
  • referring to something you don't like as "gay"
  • when people leave the "d" off of words. examples: "bottle water" or "i have notice."


  • leggings and uggs
  • leggings in general (outside of their proper use)
  • gladiator sandals
  • crocs, unless you're at a waterpark or something. then they're tolerable, i suppose.
  • cropped sweaters
  • those girls who walk around in micro-mini skirts with tank tops and no bra. have they no shame?!
  • girls who think they're awesome because they wear baseball caps, but after twelve seconds of talking to them, it becomes apparent that they don't follow any sports whatsoever
      • not that i like sports, i just find it rather annoying that they pretend to be something they aren't in order to (i assume) attract guys
  • people who come to my nutrition class in their sweaty workout clothes. honestly, you're just doing it to show off how fit and healthy you are. nobody cares, and you're stinking up the room.


  • the whole "wiscompton" thing
  • the whole "sconnie" thing
  • the whole "bucky did your mom" thing
      • he's a badger. he didn't "do" anyone's mom.
  • shopping during class
  • ipods during exams
  • not going to class and still getting an a :(
  • my housing bill!


  • the jonas brothers
  • the fray (their new stuff, at least)
  • most of what's on the radio
  • nickelback


  • college life (is it still on? it horribly represented my campus so i stopped watching.)
  • the real world, and all its spin-offs
  • any shows that exploit the "stars"

stuff about people

  • people who brag about their connections
  • girls who act ditzy so guys will like them
  • girls in general
  • being stared at, especially by older men
  • sleeping around
  • when people get all high & mighty about what they're doing to "save the environment." just because i don't buy $27/lb organic food doesn't make me a bad person, kay?
  • divulging every little detail of one's sex life
      • it's personal
      • i don't need to know it
      • i don't want to know it
      • it disgusts me when i do know it
  • leaving the seat up!
  • not using turn signals
  • being touched by people i don't know
      • i'm kind of weird about this one
      • sometimes i hug people i don't know
      • it's when people pat my shoulder or whatever that bothers me
  • when other drivers honk/flip me off for no reason
      • like when i was sitting at a stop sign and inched up to see if any traffic was coming since someone was illegally parked and blocking my view. some guy driving by honked FOUR TIMES and flipped me off. it's not like i was going anywhere...
  • my best friend from high school turning into a high-and-mighty asshole who brags about the amount of money he has


  • twitter
  • internet explorer
  • 99% of firefox add-ons
  • 99.9% of facebook applications
  • the fact that facebook is going to let users have screen names now
  • naked webcamming
  • macbooks, especially vibrantly colored ones. they aren't as fun as they look
  • people who use those obnoxious raised laptop contraptions with the fan inside IN THE MIDDLE OF LECTURE. they're just plain distracting.


  • folded-over pages in library books
  • excessively wordy sentences
  • prop 8

more to come.

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