• when i was twelve or so, my mom, grandma, and i were driving back from dinner late at night. we'd gone to the sunset supper club, a place we'd never been before and haven't been back to since. it was pretty far from our house, and to get there we had to take some pretty deserted country roads. it was pitch black out there and all of a sudden a huge truck smashed into us. to this day, i don't know who ran the stop sign, us or them. it's pretty much a blur to me. my mom was fine after it, but my grandma broke a couple bones and i still have back problems.
  • about a month after i got my license, i bumped a guy in the movie theater parking lot. nothing happened, but i still freaked out for like three days afterward.
  • again at the movie theater, this time about a year after i got my license, some terrible driver rear-ended me leaving the theater. she drove away! not cool. i mean, we got her license plate number and everything, but my mom decided that the damage wasn't significant enough to warrant getting the police involved. i seriously freaked out after that one too.
  • when jon drove us to the jack's mannequin/death cab show in milwaukee, his car slid on some ice at the stop sign and he bumped the car in front of us. luckily she was really nice and understanding and didn't make a big deal out of it at all.
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