after the shocking failure of my goals for sophomore year, i thought i'd make a list of things i can maybe actually accomplish.

  • let's make it a goal to actually exercise. because it's not fun to get in shape, then out of shape, then try to get back in shape again.
  • let's make it a goal to hang out with someone other than jon sometimes. because as much as we get along and it's fun to be with him, i need to get used to not being with him because before long, he'll be at grad school in a different state. for nine months of the year.
  • let's make it a goal not to be addicted to stupid facebook games. a couple times a week is okay. hours a day is not.
  • let's make it a goal to maintain a 3.5 gpa. i pulled off a ~3.5 this semester. i can do it again.
  • let's make it a goal to somehow participate in spanish outside of my classes. the way to learn is to practice, and maybe i can participate in the language tables or something.
  • while we're on the topic, let's make it a goal to participate in class! even if everybody else is an idiot and will not understand my brilliant point of view (ha. ha. ha.) i will try to say at least one thing a day.
  • and finally, let's make it a goal to be happy. because nothing is worse than going through the motions while inside you're falling apart.
jun 7 2010 ∞
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