start date: april 18, 2008 finish date: january 14, 2011

note: a lot of these are from high school, since i started the list at the end of my senior year.


  • get above a c in physics 201/202.
  • have no more late work in physics.
  • continue spanish classes in college.
  • learn the basics of another language (not spanish)
  • win a scholarship of some sort.
  • learn more about world religions.
  • take a class (just for fun) over the summer.
  • maintain a relatively organized locker.


  • initiate conversations with five new people. (0/5)
  • meet up with one friend i've lost touch with.
  • make five new friends in college.
  • get a boyfriend.
  • happily say 'yes' to a date.
  • kiss someone at midnight on new year's eve.
  • have an outdoor sleepover with friends.
  • find a penpal.
  • mail something to three lj friends.
  • be more open with friends.
  • meet three lj friends in person. (0/3)
  • cook my mother dinner five times.


  • maintain an online calendar.
  • keep one address book instead of several.
  • sell unused cds and dvds once a year.
  • keep my dorm room clean. always.


  • finish a scrapbook from my high school years.
  • attend one meeting of one international club after graduation.
  • attend one yearbook meeting after graduation.
  • read at least 101 books. -list-
  • learn to knit.
  • watch three 'cult classics.'
  • attend a comedy show.
  • watch the sun rise.
  • make an effort to educate my classmates on the importance of diversity.
  • make a documentary. and post it online
  • drop a message in a bottle in the ocean.
  • take a fun dance class (salsa, tango, etc).
  • go ice skating twice. (0/2)
  • hang out in connect cafe once a month until i leave for college.
  • take photos at ten events (parties, concerts, etc). (2/10)
  • throw a (proper) party.


  • travel to a foreign country.
  • take a photo in front of five landmarks. (0/5)
  • go to california.
  • visit my father in new mexico.
  • go to new york.
  • touch the pacific ocean.
  • take a road trip with friends.
  • get a passport.

finances & purchases.

  • get a job.
  • get a debit card.
  • get a laptop.

self improvement.

  • avoid fast food for a month.
  • find a perfume that i really love.
  • learn how to accessorize.
  • put effort into dressing myself.
  • drink no alcohol, no matter how tempting, until i am 21.
  • avoid soda for one month.
  • eat fruit every day for one month.
  • get up no later than 7:30 am for one month. (0/31)
  • try yoga.
  • wear contacts at least five days a week for 52 weeks. (7/52)
  • not snack between meals for one month. (0/31)
  • try vegetarianism for three months [& maybe longer!] (0/3)
  • take a multivitamin every day for a month. (0/31)


  • post a relevant entry on lj every day for a month.
  • finish my mini-biography on lj.
  • re-tag posts for relevancy.
  • go without facebook for one month. (0/31)
  • go without myspace for one month.
  • maintain bookmarks list -- delete irrelevant and broken links.
  • understand css better.
  • write an article for wikipedia.
  • get a paid account on lj.


  • watch hard candy.
  • watch amelie.
  • watch yellow submarine.
  • watch edward scissorhands.
  • watch zodiac.
  • watch the royal tenenbaums.
  • watch one new movie each month. click


  • introduce three friends to a new band.
  • go to at least one concert a month for one year.
  • see a symphony perform.
  • have a conversation with a musical idol.
  • go to a music festival other than summerfest.
  • discover fifteen new bands. (10/15)
      • the noble love. amazing live... not so much recorded. too bad they broke up.
      • flights.
      • faintly.
      • the bright life soundtrack.
      • cinematic sunrise.
      • jimmy robbins
      • someone still loves you, boris yeltsin
      • fleet foxes
      • sigur rós
      • matt & kim
  • see margot & the nuclear so and so's in concert.
  • see something corporate in concert.
  • see a 'classic' band in concert. (band: ________)


  • speak up when someone says something offensive.
  • vote for change.
  • participate in the free hugs movement. (so far: 4 times)
  • participate in the day of silence.
  • donate blood.
  • volunteer in a homeless shelter.
  • keep up with current events for six months.
  • help with a presidential campaign.
  • babysit a child for free.
  • write a letter to my grandma seven times. (7/7)
  • donate to a worthy charity.
  • get back into tutoring.
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