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I'm a 20something doctor. I like looking at stars in the sky and structures under the microscope. I love words and music. I think we could all live in a better world, but before that happens we have to be better people first.

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it's official. my internet life can be divided into 2 categories only.

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  • - i love this little site. pure genius. please let me know if you have an account, i'd love to listen to your playlists :)


  • Springpad - I LOVE LOVE LOVE this app/service. it's creating lists on steroids. the best part is, you can even use it on your iphone/android phone. really making USE of those lists. migrating all my lists there. could use more eyecandy tweaks but it just WORKS. simple, efficient, and every clutter i have online i can dump right in there and organize. woot.
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