• Mishka
  • 14
  • She/her
  • INFP-T
  • Born Russian
  • Lives in Britain
  • Libra
  • Chubby/large
  • LG(B)T

hi im mishka and yes that's my birth name idk blame my birth country. i like a lot of things and i like to think im kind to the majority of people unless you're mean, so feel free to talk to me but be warned im not that talkative ;o. remember to yeet away the bad feelings,

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oct 14 2018 +
  • likes: animals, spirituality, music, theatre, writing, plants, weights, vinyl, video games, merch, collecting things, oversized clothes, colour codes, photography
  • dislikes: loudness, pen tapping, heat, heights, sand, makeup (allergic to it lmao), sports (apart from badminton bc its the only thing im good at ): ), bigots, dust, tight clothes, crowds
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  • animal: bears
  • food: strawberry
  • drink: tea
  • singer(s): hayley kiyoko, cavetown, adore delano
  • song: take me to church - hozier (it changes a lot
  • game: borderlands (at the moment)
  • colour: dark red (like the bg)
  • movie: I DONT KNOW :(
  • flower(s): venus flytrap, gladious

least favs

  • animal: wasps and flies
  • food: mayonaise
  • drink: sparkling water
  • singer(s): N/A?
  • song: any of the yt disstracks
  • game: the newer fnaf games (the first ones were literally what inspired me to be more creative back in 2014 but the newer ones a...
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