• "the more i know, the less i understand."
  • i believe in dying for love even if i don't know if i believe in love.
  • is it worst to not be able to get the chance to say goodbye at all because they're gone before you know it, or to know ahead of time and have to count down the days until you'll be saying goodbye? either way, another person to say goodbye to. i'm sad.
  • i don't think i could take away all of your loneliness even if i were with you every second of every day. it's also hard to imagine, to believe, that someone could fill you up so completely that the cracks of your soul would be whole again. (maybe we're all born empty and some get filled with love and others with hate and some not at all).
  • is it because we're told to love and respect everyone that we expect to be loved and respected, even if we did nothing to deserve it?
  • you have to know that when i was disappointed, and hated you, it was only because i loved you so much.
  • how can someone that makes you so happy make you so sad? all the people that hurt you should be people that you hate, that never make you laugh, that you can easily let go of. so it doesn't feel like ripping out pieces of your heart and throwing them on the freeway to be repeatedly run over when you try to move on.
  • i often think people are really stupid but i must be the stupidest of them all.
  • looking at the date lately... i don't know what to do.
  • to carmen (on days when i want to drown, i listen to eaeon's album guilt-free and sink instead.)
  • i wonder if you ever get sad about the world not looking at you.
jul 29 2013 ∞
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