• 140117

the second japanese album, 2 is going to be released on march 19th, three different versions as always, three new songs, and japanese remakes of ttw, starlight song, yesterday, and you are my girl!! there will also be a japanese release of b1a4's baba concert in seoul on the same day. commercial spot for the class. along with their comeback stage, b1a4 will be the special mcs on this week's music core. music bank comeback stage was amazing, i expected nothing less ♡ sunwoo and junghwan backstage at the golden disk awards.

  • 140118

information for third and fourth fansigns. lil bebs' performances of and lonely from tonight. instructions concerning tomorrow's inkigayo recording and the mini fanmeeting after the pre-recording.

  • 140119

사랑 그땐 and lonely performances from tonight's inkigayo. junghwan got buck at today's mini fanmeeting idek. lol we've been promised a second version of the lonely mv if it hits 2mil views

  • 140120

baro on crisis escape no.1!! the list of fans who won signed albums for the group order event are located here! those who won polaroids are yet to be confirmed.

  • 140121

new tv promo spot for the class concert.

  • 140122

lonely mv bts! b1a4 will be the guests on next week's after school club! 사랑 그땐, lonely, sandeul's special stages. WE??? WON???? ON SHOWCHAMP???? WE WON??? #B1A42NDWIN #LONELY1STWIN info for the feb 26th dvd release of amazing store in japan. i'm really interested in the ghost story. What. A fucking. Day. shindong calling & congratulating baro on sstp.

  • 140123

babes won a bonsang and the popularity award at the seoul music awards today!♡!♡!♡ girl scouts promo & support.

  • 140124

#B1A43RDWIN #LONELY2NDWIN interview + win, lonely perf. baro has been casted for a new drama, god's gift - 14 days, and has already read through the script.

  • 140125

#LONELY3RDWIN #B1A44THWIN lonely perf, win.

  • 140126

baro and dohee in a commercial spot for sbs star faceoff. #LONELY4THWIN perf #B1A45THWIN win. baro also made a special appearance during rain's performance of la song lmao

  • 140127

information regarding jinyoung's tvn drama, she is wow, being released on dvd for the japanese audience on may 2nd. six discs, two box sets, about $100 each. jinyoung has been featured in cine21's article highlighting 11 rising stars.

  • 140128

the show interview, lonely perf, sandeul and gongchan's cutie player.

  • 140129

our boys collected the show champ trophy for the second week in a row today! baro on radio star - intro, asc cut.

  • 140130

lunar new year greeting. info regarding 2's release, complete with photos of the album jacket. isac pt 1 cut. cnu archery cut.

  • 140131

happy new year!! as the days go by, more and more news comes out about suspicious woman/miss granny surpassing view records and the last i heard, 3mil people have seen it and i'm just ;;;;; so proud and so happy for jinyoung and cannot wait to see it myself. faceoff perf, 그대와 함께 at tvn's sing with reply. etn interview.

  • 140201

lonely perf

  • 140202

lonely perf, promo for next week's running man featuring baro as a guest.

  • 140203

despite there being no show due to seolnal, it's been resported that our boys won this past week's music bank! the second version of the lonely mv was released today, as promised. we've also been promised a dance version once the lonely mv reaches 3mil views.

  • 140204

the show interview, lonely perf.

  • 140205

teaser for the soyu/junggi go collaboration mv, featuring baro. three weeks strong on show champ! lonely perf, win, interview.

  • 140206

jinyoung tweeted an introductory link to the suspicious woman promotional mv of who am i. do you want to build a snow man?

  • 140207

the mv for is out! special content and bts of the 썸 mv on naver. lonely perf

  • 140208

lonely perf win

  • 140210

jinyoung and shim eunkyung will be holding a free hug event on the 13th!

  • 140211

the class: busan ticket information.

  • 140212

the class concert goods, tips for concert goers, promo for next week's weekly idol.

  • 140216

lonely perf, open concert cut. homepage was down for a few hours, not too sure what happened but everything is fine again.

  • 140217

info about the release of the amazing store dvd on the 27th. different from the japanese release, this dvd set will show the performances that were held from august 7th-11th at the uniqlo ax in seoul. instead of two discs, we are presented with three, there is a 100 page photobook, etc. mnet wide, gs tv, god's gift - 14 days trailer.

  • 140219

weekly idol, 2 & listen to the b1a4 (2014 jpn tour) tv spot.

  • 140220

so much news coverage on jinyoung and shim eunkyung's hug event/suspicious woman in general, most recent covers all plains! info regarding the tour dates (april 5th and 6th at the yokohama arena, april 10th at the osaka castle hall) and ticket sales (about $100 flat). nangam school promo.

  • 140222

lonely goodbye stage. hoping the boys can get a bit of rest for a while!! 2 is coming out in less than four weeks, and the japanese concerts are in april. no news yet on a repackage or title track, but i'm sure it'll be coming.

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