• 140223

rumours have been saying that wm is to debut a girl group in march for mooooonths now, and paired with that rumour is b1a4 not coming back until around summer time. we gon see.

  • 140224

2 album promo + jpn tour intro video

  • 140225

who am i bonus video, sstp twitter update

  • 140227

god's gift - 14 days press conference. **** feel like i should have noted while i watched the conference feed live, how incredibly nervous sunwoo was on this day. staff diary.

  • 140228

tooniverse nangam school cut, etn interview for hatson.

  • 140302

preview for next week's dream team, promo for god's gift - 14 days.

  • 140304

sstp with cnu & gongchan changed to sandeul & gongchan. sstp twitter update

  • 140305

staff diary,happy plant cut.

  • 140307

list of lucky fans who won access to a special fan meeting on the 15th. i'm gna have to start putting all bulletins up here or else this list will be empty lmao. is this what hiatus period feels like??

  • 140308

preview for next week's immortal song, special stage @ mucore, music travel yesterday perf.

  • 140309

sstp twitter update x

  • 140310

j&d on instagram

  • 140311

han jiyeon instagram update feat sandeul. seeing this made me really happy? and thankful that the boys aren't doing promos right now because they have time to attend their classes and enjoy life like regular people some days. that is way more important.

  • fuck my life

guess who's going to be at the hollywood bowl in may. i am okay for now but i just remembered how hard i cried over asc so i'm sure all this will hit me rly bad soon. still i'm trying??? to be positive??? i was so convinced that something major would happen to me this year and if i want this bad enough, i will be able to make it happen. i keep having thoughts like that. i don't know.

  • 140312

new litmus collection, release of believe in love ahead of 2, which comes out next week! mobile download info. smart bts 3. the bg of video #2 is an unreleased song???

  • 140315

immortal song perf.

  • 140318

the boys will be holding a live stream for sandeul's birthday party over naver starcast and line at 8pm.

  • 140319

finally reached 3mil views on the lonely mv! as promised, the dance practice was released!!! wooo hatson stuff. show champ 100th ep perf + interview cut

  • 140320

happy birthday baby junghwan!!!! #HAPPYSANDEULDAY #23rdSANDEULDAY

  • 140322

we can experience sandeul's birthday party all over again!

  • 140324

this has been sitting in a tab for two days orz jinyoung on sukira, sstp twitter update

  • 140326

;; babe...

  • 140327

sunwoo's sfw appearance for dkny. why do they always look a mess at events like this

  • 140328

dongwoo has really proven himself to be a strong person and it's amazing that he turned out to be so great despite going through hardships, which i don't think we would have ever found out about if not for the spontaneity he showed on million seller. he's just always been so private and this whole experience has made me admire him more, and see him in an even more pensive and serious and positive light than before. my heart grows for this man every day.

  • 140329

manager hyung's wedding, final fansign w/o sunwoo ㅠㅠ ***infinity challenge broadcast which was not mentioned on sched.....

  • 140401

guess who's going to be at the 20th dream concert!!!!

  • 140402

a4 left for japan in preparation of the tour and our b remains in korea, made an appearance at the studswar launch. some countdown concerning sandeul doing an ost solo???

  • 140403

sooooooo ***high cut april 2k14, niconico broadcast in celebration of 2, following the same format as amazing store's live stream - this time during listen to the b1a4 shows!

  • 140405

our b just left for japan~

  • 140406

d-2 of listen to the b1a4 wrapped up with the niconico stream of the concert, appearance on chinese tv????

  • 140407

makes sense. the drama sandeul will be releasing an ost solo for is god's gift - 14 days! one day to go on the countdown ;; sunwoo isn't present for the second part of the niconico stream, he ended up going back to korea before the rest of the boys. high cut video preview.

  • 140408

sandeul's god's gift - 14 days ost, 아파서 is out!

  • 140409

full group is back in japan again u____u

  • 140411

everyone went back home together and schedule is totally empty ;;; i'm really happy for them & hope they're getting to rest. must be so exhausted

  • 140413

it's monday and still no sched! i'm really happy right now and reminiscent, idk. d-10 for the three year anni and official things have been pretty quiet the past few days but old pics are popping up and i had a dream and. i keep thinking about all the things these kids have gone through? double knee-surgery, a removed kidney, and one injured leg later.....we still out here!!!! really proud of my boys idk i just love them so much. when i think about it, it's totally fitting for my family to have been in that dream with me because it's sort of like a coming together? of all the people who mean most to me in my life? anyway this has been ril quiet and i felt like i needed to put something here oop

  • 140414

listen to the b1a4 wrap-up message for bana japan.

  • 140418

today's concert was changed to a fantalk session as a way to respect the sewol disaster, and show on the 20th has been canceled.

  • 140420

3rd anni of the ok mv, three years since i fell in love.

  • 140423

3rd anni of debut stage, the boys didn't spend it all together as junghwan was in china filming for a new mbc show about food. he must be so happy lol

  • 140424

junghwan's myongji university interview

  • 140430

junghwan came back from china

  • 140501

boys left for la wearing yellow ribbons, jinyoung & junghwan are now blonde!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! boys arrive in la around 1pm pacific time

  • 140502-140506

the boys look like they had fun and even though they only played a fifteen minute set at the festival, they showed a lot of fanservice to the point of almost getting dragged off the stage. i love them so much and i hope these fans have been good to them. the only problem i have is people waiting inside the hotel for them and greeting them at night. don't fuckin do that. a fanbase reported seeing them leave the hotel on the fourth? and thought this was them leaving for the airport but nah, apparently they're shooting for the new mv. the director's previous works all seem to center around models so of course, there are at least five models in the video with them. i can't wait to see what this will be like because lol so far it's a different kind of b1a4. sneak peeks

  • 140509

footage from the who am i special fan meeting that took place on march 15th. boys are finally on their way back home! who am i jpn edition and b1a4's hotline s2 dvd are to be released on june 18th!

  • 140510

boys are finally back home. they were so missed, and i'm glad they're back on their turf, where they are most comfortable. sunwoo was wearing a mask so i'm a little worried about him but they all look happy. ahhhhh. bts of allo&lugh shoot oh god sunwoo is so awkward. dfla kmf interview snippet. they seemed nervous, my babiessss. really excited for go! b1a4.

  • 140512

suspicious woman/miss granny is scheduled for release in japanese theatres starting july 11th - trailer. staff diary.

  • 140513

this article makes me so happy, sstp twitter update

  • 140514

go! on may 28th!! teaser feat. stefanie uncles. jinyoung has been filming for an upcoming idol episode of running man! sandeul on kim yoojung's uooz blog x x x

  • 140518

baro on mc dingdong's instagram, 1 year since the first win

  • 140519

gongchan's twitter update ;;;;; first time in a while that any of them have tweeted. new go! teaser.

  • 140520

boys aren't answering any questions about comeback!!!!!!!! we're expecting july, since sunwoo's going to brazil with the infinity challenge cast for the world cup in june. recording the logo song for an addal cm x, sstp twitter update

  • 140522

mnet dfla bowling with b1a4

  • 150526

recording for mbc's idol futsal championship. sunwoo participated in the game on team a, while the rest of the members showed up to support him. they also gave out addal food packages to fans! x

  • 140527

snippets from the 50th baeksang awards x x x. although it scares me a little, i love seeing him do individual schedules and mingling with other people. sunwoo doesn't have to stick to his group members all the time, and he has friends outside of those four who he's constantly in contact with. that's important. jtbc vine, sunwoo's salon tranformation into actor cha!!, sstp twitter update

  • 140528

staff diary update, sidus hq twitter update, mnet go! b1a4 in la, prank cut

  • 140529

stefanie uncles instagram update with the boys / twitter

  • 140530

7 hungry house guests sandeul cut, kwmoon instagram update

  • 140531

sbs hope tv logo song

  • 140601

bana japan layout update, addal, b1a4 songaewon spring sports, addal radio cm.


i aint even been back in the game for 24 hours and shit is going down

  • 140602

okkudak world cup cms x x, mnet wide entertainment news cut x

  • 140603

okkudak cm making x x x. niconico premium with b1a4 ep 1 - cnu's birthday party aired today. through with you, the boys have announced a special event for bana japan in august.

  • 140604

jpn homepage announced two exclusive fanmeetings on august 11th and 18th at zepp diver city tokyo and zepp nanba, respectively. tickets are around $60 in my currency, both standing & seated, extra $5 for drinks....this sounds so nice????!!!! sandeul with shin sungwoo on instagram (((lmao sandle))), cnu's instagram update ((he posted & deleted a similar picture and then posted this one, just adding #vote to it THIS GUY ISTG))

  • 140606

notice regarding the distribution of b1a4-themed support balloons for the dream concert tomorrow.

  • 140607

woo dream con. sbs mtv instagram update, lugenielu instagram update feat jinyoung and sandeul. sandeul twitter update. infinity challenge preview.

  • 140608

running man cut.

  • 140609

mnet wide cut, staff diary

  • 140610

sstp twitter update x, cnu instagram update, sandeul-to-jinyoung bana japan movie

  • 140611

dream concert promo spot

  • 140612

line town theme, ganada song.

  • 140613

edgar hwang instagram update

  • 140614

chansik, you are such an angel, x. high1 concert cut.

  • 140615

dream concert cut, making of line town theme song

  • 140616

HAAAAAAPPY BIRTHDAY MY HEART MY LIGHT MY LIFEEEE x x, staff diary, cute interview trans.

  • 140617

line stickers released!! official fb x x x x x

  • 140618

sunwoo left for brazil to film infinity challenge.

  • 140619

sunwoo arrived in brazil safely with the rest of the infinity chalenge cast. instagram update

  • 140620

the radio talks from exactly a month ago are lining up with the news reports rn, july comeback confirmed

  • 140622

baro instagram update

  • 140623

jinyoung-to-gongchan bana japan movie

  • 140624

2014 b1a4 live tour: road trip - ready? has been announced! shows will begin in august after the new mini album's release. so far, shows seem to definitely be happening in manila, shanghai, and taiwan.

  • 140627

boys were spotted in a supermarket, apparently recording for a show? they have also been announced as part of the kcon lineup.

  • 140629

new okkudak cm

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