• 140818

mnet wide entertainment news cut. bana japan twitter update x x. w korea twitter update, 1 night 4 u, 1 night 4 u b cuts. one fine day ep 5, ep 6 preview.

  • 140819

ask in a box cut. poor dongwoo. why style facebook update, @star1 facebook update, w korea facebook update, instagram update. mbc make a wish cut

  • 140820

it's been announced that the final shows of the road trip tour will be in seoul on november 15th and 16th! seoul tour greeting video, bana japan exclusive fanmeeting closing message. ice bucket challenge. i'm really proud of them all for being part of the moment and hope they donated. it's a big deal and at one point sunwoo alone was nominated, but they all took part, and that makes me really proud of ot5. weekly idol cut.

  • 140822

jooyoung's ice bucket challenge, nominating cnu. boys left for taiwan, and arrived safely! hoping that all goes well on the first leg of the tour and they get to enjoy traveling ;; have fun my babes. shoot for love posted about the boys' involvement in their charity event for pediatric cancer patients on the 15th. what lovely kids. @star1 sept issue shooting bts. road trip behind clips #1 #2 #3.

  • 140823

quiz to change the world cut.

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