• 131104

i am sad and waiting. c'mon wm we have choreo which means we have a song. new hair means maybe music video has been filmed/album jackets shot. when do we get a comeback date are you playing with me right now????

  • 131105

i am annoyed bc schedules have been pretty much the same for the past two months. sandeul immortal song recording, cnu at sstp (this week it's baro wow look variety), sandeul's immortal song airs, reply 1994 airs, reply 1994 airs, some concert on the weekend if we're lucky GRAHHHHHH

  • 131106

everyone's been spending time in their hometowns ;;;; my lil country bumpkins

  • 131107

cnu tweeted about shooting pics for a 2014 calendar

  • 131108

reply 1994 ost song, 그대와 함께 release. we also got a cute little video! i wasn't expecting that part at all.

  • 131109

no comeback until jan i'm so depressed. "현재 멤버들이 앨범 막바지 작업에 매진하고 있다" this has been reported over and over for over a month, making fans think that comeback was around the corner omfg i'm so angry right now.

  • 131115

i was so mad that i stopped updating this but more smart promo stuff came out over the past two weeks, we're getting a 2014 calendar in december which will probably feature some of that sneak peek cnu tweeted about (jinyoung's red hair is a mystery to me i'm so confused), and that b1a4 boys over flowers parody that we've been wondering about for over a year is to be released on a dvd for nov 22nd.

  • 131118

jinyoung's 22nd birthday. also what the hell is this with sandeul's hair why is there purple in it

  • 131122

boys over flowers dvd is out!!! woop

  • 131124

boys left for the korea-china festival. baro wasn't with them & that's giving me this weird feeling, even though he's probably super busy with filming.

  • 131125

sighs baro's caught his flight to beijinggggg

  • 131126

gongchan is going to be on sstp! this is funny, because on cnu's weekly sstp visit last week (19th), they did a guest call with gongchan. shindong asked why gongchan is never a guest and he said that he would definitely come on the show if they called on him to do it. ~woo

  • 131128

cnu's going to be in shin bora's mv for 꽁꽁 with apink's hayoung, debuting on dec 2nd woop article woop teaser woop mv

  • 131201

haha chansik singing on 1000 song challenge today really gave me the fuzzy-wuzzies. u lil shit.

  • 131203

off the record w/ sandeul & gongchan??? and next time we get 91 line! this was so fun. junghwan is so animated i have never seen anyone as energized (without being annoying) as him ever. both of them are such joys??? i love my chilrens they made me 1. overcook my udon and 2. forget to turn the stove off before i went to sleep o man this has been some morning. -- A VERY GOOD NIGHT WITH A BOX OF MERCH my korean album collection is complete. onto japanese and super hits!

  • 131204

off the record with 91 line!

  • 131205

so!!!! through these off the record videos that wm released, we've been told that b1a4 will be having their third concert!!!! "the class" on feb 15th & 16th 2014!!! so much excitement!!!

  • 131210

more mail ;;;;; the jpn history dvd, oyasumi goodnight reg, beautiful target reg & 1 reg all came in and disrupted my study sesh omfg

  • 131211

mail always makes me happy. last of ordered stuff came in today: ignition repackage poster, the star august 2013, and the boys over flowers parody dvd!

  • 131213

cnu's updates on his plants and referring to them as his ~kids is all this wonderful ball of greatness that keeps me looking forward to the next picture, the next thing. he always makes my days better, i should just focus on him and block everything else out.

  • 131218

SUITS. sunwoo wasn't present for the event today and i'm just getting fed up. he's busy with drama stuff, no doubt, and he should be there!!!!! driving me insane, i just want to see all five together on a day like this when they're being honoured and doing great things

  • 131223

x'mas event in yokohama, which i missed due to a blackout, and the wmstore went back up. as of now, we only have newer goods in the store (such as the 2014 wonderland calendar and our official light stick!), and no cds or dvds. i'm thinking that this will change in the near future. was really hoping for a reprint of the first photobook but that will probably not be happening. i also really wanted the x'mas event light stick but i prowled all over ebay and no one seems to have it up. amazon isn't showing anything either. idk i'll keep an eye out, but since japanese fans aren't as quick to share as korean fans are & japan bana merchandise is harder to find in general, i'm not gonna keep my hopes up.

  • 131224

weird to think that it's christmas eve. i really don't feel anything and don't...care...i was away all weekend and missed the x'mas event so i've been feeling lost since i got home and settled in a few hours ago. trying to make up is not fun, i'm not used to doing things with my life that involve me being away from my computer for up to 24 hours.

  • 131225

staff diary: christmas messages from the boys. i don't pay much attention to these bc they only come by once in a blue moon but i'm putting it here so i can read it over later. a release date has been set for the dvd presentation of amazing store in japan! we'll be getting it on february 26th, 2014. sunwoo really is the kind of cutie pie who likes to write letters to express his feelings and we keep seeing him do things similar to this (flip books, drawings, letters) and it makes me think. i really love these kids and all the colours of their personalities, and each one of them gets to me in a way that is totally unique to the others, or any other people i know/know of. what special kids, and how lucky am i to be blessed with their personalities and what they show of themselves. i have been letting the lack of sunwoo's presence in the group bother me for months and it hurts me to know that the boys feel it too, even more than i do because these kids live with each other and are celebrating holidays and birthdays without him there because he is filming a drama all the time and. he is doing a great thing and getting really popular and helping the group sky rocket, but part of me wants all of that to stop. seeing him with them all, he looks tired sometimes but he is still himself and that makes me proud but to what extent....leader's contribution and thank you chansik.

  • 131226

rehearsal for kbs gayo - baro wasn't there, they had a stand-in dancer for him. everyone looks dead fucking tired. there are going to be a lot of special stages involving my boys in the next few days & i hope they touch all da girls. we got apink, miss a, secret, girl's day & collabs with more boys it's gonna be gr8. the class tickets went on sale today.

  • 131227

tix for the class sold out & fans crashed the ticket servers shut the fuck up everybody rn. starting to wonder if i'll even get the chance to see them because they've sold out every con they've held so quickly sighs. cnu's collab with miss a's min, jinyoung and and gongchan's collab with secret's hyosung and sunhwa, & sandeul and baro's collab with girl's day's minah at kbs gayo daechukjae.

  • 131229

sbs gayo daejeon feat. baro on a special rap stage with yoon mirae, drunken tiger, bizzy, and other idol rappers, & sandeul in lee seung chul's special vocal unit with shinee's onew, infinite's woohyun and beast's hyunseung.

  • 131231

second full album cover will be released on b1a4's korean homepage right on time for new year's tonight! mbc gayo daejejun, feat. a b1a4/apink special stage of love songs (with a performance of 그대와 함께!!) and b1a4's special rock stage of 이무일.

  • 140101

who am i teaser #1, as promised!! the album and title track, lonely, will be released on the 13th of january.

  • 140102

a date for the class in busan has been added and tickets will go on sale on january tenth. the concert will take place on march 1st, 2014. lonely mv teaser is to be released at midnight tomorrow.

  • 140103

lonely teaser is out, and official facebook is up with more little treats for the fans! tracklist is out! super excited for a cnu solo even though i know he's going to embarrass the shit out of me. baro, cnu & jinyoung all wrote & composed a lot for this. it makes me happy that they've always been so involved in the creative process of their music. it's been announced that 176 special fans will be chosen to view jinyoung's new film, suspicious woman, on january 7th, 2014.

  • 140105

hmmm mv spoilers from the director??? a drama ver. teaser will be released on the 7th at midnight.

  • 140106

jinyoung cried at the media premiere ;;;;;;

  • 140107

lonely mv drama teaser is out! there are six different album packagings in the magazine style that we were introduced to at the beginning of the year. the four other boys were present at the public premiere today to show their support to bb jinyoung! lots of great group hug pics. jinyoung tagged along to sstp sched!!!!

  • 140108

the cast of reply 1994's greetings and support for the class concert have been released as a nice little youtube video. the boys will be present at mbc's idol sports recording on the 13th, and dates and times for yokohama and osaka shows on the live tour 2014 in japan have been announced.

  • 140109

i'm never allowed to sleep again. wm is amazing and we just got a SONG MEDLEY??? i cannot CONTAIN

  • 140110

profiles have been changed for the new era, and who am i photos have been added to the gallery. finally, the entire homepage has rolled into who am i era! rly pretty. music bank teaser for next week.

  • 140111

music core teaser for next week. they'll be dancing in the snow??? scarves????? baro posted a photo on instagram of himself and cnu enjoying a fireworks show! cnu, sandeul & baro will be participating in sbs' star face off.

  • 140112

inkigayo teaser for next week. i'm going to throw up. SUNWOO SINGING 그대와 함께 AT THE TVN TAXI RECORDING KARAOKE BOOTH. csi interview.

  • 140113

lonely mv is out!! aviate has provided a list of sites where who am i can be streamed and bought digitally.

  • 140114

there seems to be another version of the lonely mv airing on tv. physical album has been released. chansik tagged along with jinyoung for support at the suspicious woman vip premiere while the others recorded for sbs face off. matching black/white coord lol. the first fansign for the second album's date, address, etc has all been specified in this notice. a joint purchase with the opportunity to win a signed album and/or polaroid pictures will take place from tomorrow at 12 to jan 19th at 5pm.

  • 140115

junghwan was accepted into myongji university after he and sunwoo did their entrance exams last fall. idk what i was doing to have not figured out where all the caps of this stuff was coming from until now. who am i album shoot bts. lonely fanchant, second who am i fansign (to be held on january 20th, hosted by synnara) information has been relayed. wm ent has decided to hold another donation booth of school supplies, canned/easily preservable foods, and unused clothing for those in need as they did for the amazing store concerts ♡. information and rules about attending the music bank pre-recording on the 17th have been relayed. fan ranking, i suppose this has more to do with fans who have the opportunity to see the boys in person at music shows - details showing how likely you would be to get in depending on what you have (daum cafe access, official bana status, owning an album, general id, etc).

  • 140116

#B1A41000DAY!! information for members of the bana fanclub to attend baro's kbs fighting spirit recording on the 17th, you must bring your fanclub id card!! allure spread came out & i never want to see it again ~_____~ the boys now have a naver starcast page. greeting~ information fans will need for music core pre-recording on the 18th. the boys won their second disk bonsang at the golden disk awards today!♡!♡!

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