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homepage change! we have now entered solo day era! wm's twitter update has provided us with the tracklist, and all songs are penned and composed by the boys, drive once again being a j&d effort, and you featuring sunmi (((god i love her)). two whole weeks of teasers are coming up, hence the new list. i'm really loving the look of the site, it feels so solid and familiar, kind of similar to who am i and what's happening typefaces and funky colours. kind of like we're finding a consistent style? it's really refreshing. ready for the july 14th release! greeting for the korean youth federation festival. boys took pictures with fans at a pension in tongyeong. spotted again in tongyeong, apprently shooting an mbc show, one fine day x. b1a4 was pulled from the kcon artist lineup without an explanation on the 30th my time, today they've made a post showing how unreliable they are. annoyed that they are running the convention like this but this aint my problem tho!!!!

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jinyoung's photo teaser is out! the boys' appearance has been finalized for kcon 2014.

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sandeul's photo teaser is out! details of road trip's manila stop have been posted on the official site - the show will take place on september 6th at the smart araneta coliseum. tickets go on sale july 19th.video trailer. solo day album specs are out! this time we have been blessed with two different covers in book format, two different posters, and random member bookmarks rather than the standard photocard (or previous covers, stickers, mini calendars, etc. wm spoils us T_______T).

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cnu's photo teaser is out! hot tracks is doing a special event commemorating the release of solo day! it runs from the 4th until the 12th and the winner gets a pair of couple rings and a date with b1a4??????!!!!! winner's announcement will take place on the 21st at 6pm on the hot tracks homepage. staff has announced the opening of b1a4's weibo page! the logo for one fine day has been revealed.

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baro's photo teaser is out! facebook header update! niconama stream's with b1a4 ep 2 x x x x x

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gongchan, the final photo teaser is out! the dream team previews of a lifetime... chan having schedules by himself!!!

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game trailer is out! looks similar to sega's outrun & super mario, and the player select art is reminding me of something too. like a lot. but i cannot put my finger on it... couch potato living his video game may be part of the ~dreams become reality plot we've been given. speculating about this comeback has been fun!

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#1 drive is out! sunwoo has been added as a cast member on tvn's new program youth over flowers with former reply castmates ;;; they left for laos today. kcon greeting.

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#2 beach is out! han jiyeon instagram update.

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#3 run away is out! mwave has organized an online meet and greet to take place in august for fans in celebration of the release of solo day. road trip tour dates have been finalized for taipei, taiwan and shanghai, china. shows take place on august 23rd and 30th, and tickets go on sale july 20th and 14th, respectively. keeping a lookout for more tour dates!

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#4 ufo? is out! blog post featuring pictures of the solo day promotional bus, more info about baro's activity in laos can be found on youth over flowers' facebook. music bank promo.

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#5 encounter is out! the air date for the first episode of b1a4's one fine day has been announced as july 21st at 6pm! music core promo. the first two solo day fansigns have been announced to take place on july 18th at 8:30pm july 20th at 7:30pm at yeongpung jongro library/yp books in yeouido and soundwave incheon.

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the final teaser before bebs' big comeback, #6 five boys is out! baro updated instagram with his thoughts while approaching the comeback, and letting us know that this is his last night in laos. i really hope he had the time of his life. chan updated twitter for the first time in a while, right after #soloday trending party started ;; inkigayo promo. jinyoung twitter update x x!!! so much anticipation. ask in a box app!! closing this list off with really high spirits. these past two weeks have been really unique and fun, speculating about what will happen in this music video and even having dreams about how it could all turn out. i've been really deeply invested in this comeback and it has been a wild ride up to this point. i have never heard of or seen another group advertise their comeback for two whole weeks with this much new footage and these many new designs for fans to mull over and be really hungry for, and am really impressed by the execution of the days leading up to solo day's release. what a hell of a pr team this group has. i'm so proud and i don't even know what the music sounds like yet, but the beauty of being in love with these boys and their music is that they haven't let me down yet. i'm ready to be wowed by them, as always.

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