• 141117

post tour madness!!! i think it's time to go back to this. soooo while road trip wrapped up yesterday, it was announced that sunwoo will be voicing a character, bobo, in an upcoming animated film called seven dwarves. first reports came two days ago. chan is also appearing in mamamoo's upcoming music video for piano man, and jinyoung will be appearing in mnet's 2015 music drama perseverance, goo haera. this news along with junghwan's musical which starts up in two weeks means busy boys.

  • 141118

birthday stuff!! staff diary, fanstaff twitter.

  • 141119

sunwoo left for hong kong to attend suecomma bonnie's s/s 2015 collection launch party. cultwo show is a pre-rec, being done today. jinyoung didn't tweet for his birthday, but came at us the day after with this???? sunwoo instagram update.

  • 141120

sunwoo's back in korea. dongwoo is still copying tweets/instagram posts so there's two of everything on his sns. he showed his support for jooyoung's project with hyorin! 1 2 3 4. and of course, jooyoung had to be cute and respond. new japanese single has been announced for january 21st!! original song penned by jinyoung, of course, called 白いキセキ (white miracle). the regular version of the single features japanese versions of oh my god, 물 한잔, and all the songs' respective instrumental tracks. nice to have a new song as a japanese single, rather than a remake. mamamoo's piano man mv featuring gongchan is out!!

  • 141121

boys are headed to singapore for the kstar fanfest tomorrow.

  • 141123

sunwoo's off to palau to record law of the jungle.

  • 141215

sunwoo is set to be part of this lucky boys project group doing a special stage/mcing for sbs gayo on the 21st.

  • 150312

i feel like i need to go back to this because some things are happening that aren't being mentioned on the schedule and it's pissing me off. miracle radio event happened in tokyo today.

  • 150315

chan attended the exos' concert and hung out with suho and same age friend tao back stage.

  • 150316

jy's 789 guerilla concert gna include this because ick. i love you.

  • 150320

something about some japanese interview on the 28th idk i'll look into it more later when my brain actually works in japanese.

  • 150326

tony moly goat milk skin care launch event.

  • 150402

jinyoung is going to be in the mbc drama, warm and cozy, set to air in may. this means comeback will definitely not be any time soon. i'm thinking late summer, if not sliding into autumn.

  • 150405

sunwoo wasn't at the fansign today due to drama filming. my duck on mask king!!!!

  • 150410

miracle radio event in tokyo((sans baro)). deul cried in tokyo today. tomorrow is osaka.

  • 150420

"we will come back with a more real and natural look" !!!!!

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  • 150517

junghwan spotted filming something with mawm -- turned out to be 4 things show!

  • 150520

all five boys spotted filming something in a market hmmm

  • 150530

hatson fansign was without jinyoung today.

  • 150601

junghwan went to park jang geun's wedding today.

  • 150618

gongchan's going to be an mc on a song for you.

  • 150731

just gna recap here since i havent been keeping track in writing... sandeul is on founding star, baro is on real men, cnu's performances for chess ended on the 18th, and sandeul's going to be playing prince charming in a cinderella musical beginning september 12th. the boys have been doing broadcasts on v app for the past couple of days, which have been really nice. album is coming out in nine days.

  • 150802

sunwoo had to drop out of house cook master baek because of schedule conflicts. he only filmed like one or two episodes!!!! its no big deal really but im annoyed about it and wanna know wats going on behind the scenes because this is the first time hes backed out of a variety project and hes always!!! the one!!! doing multiple variety shows at once whether they are promoting or not and like. is it him who chooses to take these opportunities and then the company decided No, you cant handle it or is it the company pushing him and him being like No, i cant handle this. i feel like this is important. i always praised wm for knowing their boundaries by not having them film movies/dramas while promoting, etc, but now im like ????

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