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it is finally #SOLODAY!! the mv and mini album have been released! 기분 좋은 solo day event, a week of streaming. sunwoo is home from laos!!! this sounds dumb as ever but i missed him a lot and getting to see him interact with friends that aren't part of his group & smiling so happily like this is making me feel really warm inside. i didn't even realize how much i wanted to see his face until airport previews started coming out ): now all my babies should be together, gearing up for this comeback. d-7 to one fine day, twitter event 10pm kst.

  • 140715

we've been promised a making video once solo day hits 1 million views! baro twitter update. bts studio recording via naver starcast T____T getting to see peeks into their creative processes is always so monumental to me, making me remember that they are really serious and admirable people ;;;; d-6 to one fine day teaser picnic??? promo. park yera (deleted) instagram update. solo day fanchant. slickforce blog post.

  • 140716

soooo there are reasons why that instagram post was deleted lmao. new hair, boom. one fine day press conference was a success. another hottracks fansign has been announced for 150 lucky fans on the 22nd at 5pm, and another ypbooks fansign at 9pm. 물 한잔 fanchant. mcountdown promo, show champion promo. one fine day preview.

  • 140717

sneak peeks: eijin_y instagram update, mnet tweets x x x x x . mcountdown begins, tweets x x + contest winners. solo day + 물 한잔 perf, 물 한잔 full shot, multicams x x x x, solo day full shot, multicams x x. backstage, x. parc jaejung twitter update, j'kyun instagram update. chan twitter update x x x x x x x. looking forward to tomorrow's twitter explosion T_____T. d-4 to one fine day.

  • 140718

boys are going to perform 내가 뭐가 돼 on music bank tonight!! (deleted) sneak peek on instagram. sandeul's quiz for mwave's meet&greet that's to take place in august. 내가 뭐가 돼 perf, solo day perf. chan wat happened to today's 콜 T______T gongchan-to-sandeul bana japan movie. i wanna win dongwoo's old t-shirt too T_____T

  • 140719

naver music, naver starcast. 내가 뭐가 돼, solo day perf. love request lq performance cut + sandeul & gongchan cut, teaser photos of jinyoung & baro on the happy together set x x.

  • 140720

내가 뭐가 돼 + solo day perf, interview cut, 1thek tweet teasing ask in a box's broadcast on friday. d-1 to one fine day.

  • 140721

crisis escape no. 1 chan cut, one fine day ep 1, wide entertainment news cut.

  • 140722

baro's quiz for mwave's meet&greet that's to take place on the 28th. promotional poster for youth over flowers. show champion twitter update.

  • 140723

solo day mv finally hit 1mil views, and so, we have been blessed with the making video!! really interested in the poolside and fireworks shots with the bikini clad models, since that is what we were told about & expecting before comments and spoilers about the video were taken down. pls release the alternate cuts!! it has also been announced on the japanese homepage that solo day will be released as a japanese single on september 10th, and the dvd release of the listen to the b1a4 concerts from earlier this year will be on september 17th. okuddak clip. show champ tweets x x x x. simply kpop promo spot for this coming friday. kbs twitter update. show champ full cut. #SOLODAY1STWIN!!! sandeul twitter update. i wanna win polaroids too T____T.

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solo day mv making english ver + slickforce blog post. simply kpop tweet. beat mpd, twitter update. mcountdown 10th anniversary special vine update, x. mcountdown begins cut, lies + fantastic baby perf, mpd's recording, win, twitter update, x, x. jinyoung's quiz for mwave's meet&greet that's to take place on the 28th. ask in a box sneak peek, ask in a box!!!! + winner announcements x x. okkudak clip.

  • 140725

simply kpop perf, tweet. mubank talk, solo day perf, win. radio audio + visual cut x x x, tweets x x. kbs twitter update. greeting for road trip in australia. cnu's quiz for mwave's meet&greet that's to take place on the 28th. lovej46 instagram update. okkudak clip. one fine day ep 2 preview. roadtrip in japan tour dates have been announced on the japanese homepage!! the boys will be in fukuoka on september 26th, osaka on september 29th, tokyo on october 17th, and nagoya on october 20th.

  • 140726

belated mubank tweet. solo day perf. show champ backstage cut. greeting for road trip in manila.

  • 140727

solo day perf, gongchan tweets x x T________T. gongchan's quiz for tomorrow's meet&greet.

  • 140728

one fine day ep 2. meet & greet, mwave tweets x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x. winners! one fine day fb photo updates x x. jinyoungnie instagram update x.

  • 140729

okkudak clip. highlight video of youth over flowers, which is to air august 1st at 9:50PM. mtv the show twitter update x, talk cut.

  • 140807

solo day japanese ver single specs x x x x. i'm so excited for this new track and jpn oh my god!!!!! gna scream. i love idols! interview cut. picnic live preview & broadcast. picnic live twitter updates x x.

  • 140808

sketchbook cut, super idol chart show cut, 140802 cheongshim music festival fandom school stage coverage. mucore solo day perf. han jiyoung instagram update. a song for you twitter updates/sneak peeks x x x.

  • 140809

new road trip dates for the american leg of the tour have been announced! the human condition cut, one fine day ep 4 preview. mucore solo day perf, a song for you, starking cut, showchamp backstage cut and kconnnn. mbc section tv twitter update, sneak peeks x x x x x.

  • 140810

kcon contest junk x. dream team cut x, section tv cut. inkigayo safety song. weekly idol twitter update x x x. mnet wide twitter update, mbc music twitter update.

  • 140811

bana japan fanmeet sounds like it was fun!! everyone got hi-touch ;;;; and they showed the solo day pv x!! one fine day ep 4, mnet japan jjang! cut, mnet wide entertainment news cut. baro instagram update, sandeul twitter update, cnu instagram update ((((jfC))). @star1 facebook update.

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w korea facebook + instagram update. @star1 facebook update, the show cut.

  • 140813

weekly idol cut.

  • 140814

mcountdown perfs, solo day dance practice!!! happy birthday baby.

  • 140815

물 한잔 perf, mnet japan cut.

  • 140816

human condition cut, billboard interview

  • 140817

youngstreet audio cut, 물 한잔 perf. sandeul twitter update x x. farewell, solo day era ;;;;

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