130824 --i have not slept because i realized that i used to have the photos from every b1a4 event from may 2011 - early summer 2012 on my old computer................which died on me last summer

trying to get my ass back into gear, starting with airport photos & my analyzation notes on those......stay tuned

130908 --oops i forgot about this but pics from all 2013 airport trips are together
also every folder has a note in it of me analyzing what they wear & their behaviour that day because i do that
sighs i'm getting there shhhh gimme one focused week i'll be on my game again

target after acquiring photos: fancams

131224 --i'm so fuckin behind i'm just about to finish 121212 & got like four airport days and I'M SO TIRED jesus christ all energy gone too many new fuckin fansites I WILL PICK UP AGAIN TOMORROW BEFORE I BLOW SOMETHING UP
140110 --#work (hashtag work)
twitter list update
rip lonely era u were short lived
MESS. i've been wanting to archive collections in .rar format for over a year but i am so lazy...gna return to photos once tour starts & things are less hectic...
ha ha ah aha....cant wait to organize all this shit n move it to drive (not)
my entire life is a mess and im actually missing so much that i want to tear my hair out

aug 24 2013 ∞
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