• St Johns in general, especially the views from Signal Hill and the walk down to St Johns along the coast
  • Rita at the Bread and Cheese Inn in Bay Bulls
  • The view towards the sea from our room at the Freshwater Inn in Gambo
  • The sun-room at Neddie's Harbour Inn, Neddie's Harbour
  • Cape Spear - the most easterly point in North America
  • Newfoundlanders in general, except maybe the grumpy old trout in the Liquor Express in Rocky Harbour. Although I accept that maybe she was having a bad day :)
  • Captain Wayne's whale-watching trip in Bay Bulls
  • Lighthouse Picnics at Ferryland (even though it was peeing down)
  • Beach combing pretty much anywhere
  • Houses everywhere - the colours, the styles, the locations and the views
  • Pan-fried cod with scrunchions - oh how I love and miss those scrunchions.....
  • Lobster!
  • Iceberg Beer in those gorgeous blue bottles
  • Screech
  • Whales and puffins and other birds. I'd include icebergs in this if we'd seen any up close.
  • The whirlpool bath in our bedroom at the Murray Premises in St Johns (and the shower as big as a bus shelter)
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