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reasons to be alive

hold onto hope if you got it, don't let it go for nobody

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사랑: a deep, tender, strong feeling of affection toward a person; an intense emotional attachment

you are so beautiful inside and outside, your heart is pure and your personality is so genuine, and all the little things that you do makes me cry happiness tears; you are a beautiful big baby but you also a brilliant man, your brain is magnificent, the way you see the world and the things around you inspires me. you have this incredible bright aurea that makes every person around you smile; you have a brightness of your own.

i love many things. i love flowers and i love smiles and dogs and i love the smell of the soil wet by rain and the pure soul of bird song but i have not been in love twice; i never thought that i would fall in love with someone i do not know, but i do love you, dear heart.

it's amazing the way you make me laugh ev...

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