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゚。 you never walk alone

  • ive been vegetarian for 1,5 years
  • i love photography i love taking photos but just for my own enjoyment
  • im quite competitive
  • i love lame jokes and i make puns daily but only in slovak
  • im 1/4 ukrainian
  • my fav animals are bunnies and red pandas
  • i have bunny named ollie, he's 4
  • my dream dog breed is australian shepherd
  • my dream house would be close to forest or nature in village, not too big, with garden big enough to plant some basic corps, flowers, big tree that would be a nice to hide under in summer heat
  • im fluent in slovak and english, also czech bc its too similar to slovak. i can speak spanish and i used to know french bc ive studied it for 4 year but i already forgot everything. slovak being my first language means i can understand polish and tiny bit russian and ukrainian but i cannot speak it at all
  • i love looking at stars and moon
  • speaking of moon, i used to be scared of it bc i thought i would turn into some mystical creature if i stared too long at full moon (i mostly blame h2o just add water lmao)
  • when i was little i used to love pokemons and naruto
  • im such a perfectionist and minimalist
  • i feel really burdened when owning lot of things
  • im pessimistic realist and everyone hates me for it
  • im ravenclaw and intj-t
  • i prefer cold colors over warm ones
  • i hate coffee so that makes more of a tea person
  • im the mom friend i got it proved too many times at trips plus i dont go anywhere without a bag and it usually contains water bottle, tissues, plasters..
  • everyone thinks im the most organized person theyve ever met but in fact im a huge mess
  • my fav number is 24
  • my fav fruit is tangerine
  • favorite movie is kimi no na wa :")
  • ive been to croatia, spain, italy, austria, hungary, poland, czech republic,
  • visiting norway and iceland is on my bucket list
jan 2 2018 ∞
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