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my main goal for this year is to be able to say on 31th dec 2018 that i've done something i can be proud of and happy about which includes achieving following goals:

  • ❌ get out of my reading slump and read 15+ books this year
  • ✔️ get my driver's license - i got it on 15th feb
  • ✔️ finally decide what i want to do in the future - found an uni study program i like
  • ➖ learn to accept and eventually love myself - not rly achieved but i came out as non-binary
  • ➖spread positivity and believe in it myself - im better at spreading positivity just still not fully believing in it myself
  • ➖ become fluent in spanish - not quite there yet but im aiming for spanish final in may
  • ➖ learn atleast the basics of korean - started learning in december for DofE
  • ✔️ travel - uk (england, wales), austria 2x, germany, switzerland, france, czech republic 2x, hungary
  • ❌ stop being so hard on myself
  • ❌ be less of a procrastinator
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