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゚。 you never walk alone

timea follows:
  • his eyesmile
  • his cuteness
  • his passion for dancing
  • his heavenly voice
  • his sweet and caring nature
  • his cute joyful laugh
  • his love for other members
  • his beautiful puffy eyes
  • his soft pulpy lips
  • his rosy chubby cheeks
  • his breathtaking beauty
  • his bright personality
  • his tiny hands
  • his soft yet really
  • his stage presence
  • his fondness over the people he loves the most
  • his confidency in himself that he's gaining every day
  • his little habits like rubbing the top of his nose
  • the way he always has to cling onto somebody when he laughs so much
  • the way gravity works on him more when he's laughing
  • the way he never fails to make me smile
  • the way he's a living angel among us

i just love him for being himself ♡

jan 4 2018 ∞
feb 6 2018 +