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21+, ♀, INFJ, lover of video games, roleplayer, sometimes artist.

Spoilers, NSFW/R18 stuff possible. NL, BL, GL are all okay! Depends on the pairing, really.

Sol follows:

Generally a non-entity. Introverted. Happily owned by three cats. Suffering from PCOS, depression, and anxiety. I'm not very talkative when left to my own devices, but I don't mind chatting. I tend to stick with fandom subjects mostly, though I do occasionally rant and retweet issues important to me.

Sometimes I scan and try to translate excerpts from official fandom materials, i.e. game guides, artbooks, settei.

Not interested in discourse or fandom BS.

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Ridiculously indulgent AUs cooked up by me and/or Straya!

  • Resonance Unblocked: Pre-game. Rose meets Dezel (again) as an adult when a fever-inducing illness sweeps across Glenwood. Rose stubbornly refuses to believe that she dreamed him up, and starts accepting that seraphim are real.
  • Windriders AU: Pre-game. Rose never blocked her resonance, thus her and Dezel grow up as childhood friends. Brad is also resonant and acts as Lafarga's vessel.
  • Paying It Forward: Recently retired Shepherd Rose returns to her Sparrowfeathers family with Dezel. Skirmishes and strife are still common, and one of these incidents leads to them rescuing a young resonant girl, Rowan, from her burning home. With her mother dead, the pair adopt her.
  • Sacrificial Flower AU: Rose, a merchant's daughter thought to be cursed, is kidnapped from her home in L...
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  • Tales series (mostly Zestiria & Abyss, Graces. played Phantasia, Symphonia, Vesperia, Xillia, Berseria, Radiant Mythology, Link. playing through Xillia 2)

Other Games:

  • Ace Attorney
  • Breath of Fire
  • DRAMAtical Murder
  • Dynasty/Samurai Warriors
  • Final Fantasy (mostly 4,7,T. played 3-7,10,12,13)
  • Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons
  • Infinite Undiscovery
  • Kirby
  • Last Remnant
  • Last Story
  • Lunar
  • Mario
  • Metroid
  • Okami
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I'm pretty easygoing when it comes to shipping and my preferences are all over the place. Canon ships, joke pairings, threesomes, more... Only a few I'm really passionate about, the rest are ones where I just like idea and art or fic of them.


  • Dezel/Rose - Zestiria
  • Luke/Asch, Asch/Natalia - Abyss
  • Zelgadis/Amelia - Slayers
  • Rosette/Chrono - Chrono Crusade
  • Nezumi/Shion - NO.6
  • Noiz/Clear/Aoba - DMMd


  • Zestiria - Rose/Zaveid, Dezel/Rose/Zaveid, Rose/Sorey, Rose/Lailah, Dezel/Lailah, Lailah/Zaveid, Zaveid/Theodora, Sorey/ruins, Sergei/Alisha
  • Abyss - Ginji/Asch, Guy/Luke, Peony/Nephry, Asch/Anise, Lorelei/Asch/Luke (don't a...
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