• take shev around akl touristing -27-29dec
  • watch nye fireworks of sky tower
  • ice cream sundae event @silo park -jan 28th


  • go for long walks sunset time
  • visit the viaduct harbour for sunset
  • go on a roadtrip with friends
  • visit hamilton gardens
  • discover hobbiton
  • stay at lake taupo and roam around city with family
  • travel with lime scooter as far away as I can go
  • walk all the way to mission bay from city


  • update india sketch journal
  • go to the city and just draw, draw and draw
  • Take as many photos of the beautiful akl city as I can and compile them into one album
  • study about new zealand and prepare a sketchbook guide with info


  • read as many books as I possibly can
    • Harry Potter - 1
    • Harry Potter - 2
    • Treasure Island
    • The Sun and her Flowers


  • fix up cv by a professional
  • setting up list of goals for the year of 2019


  • go to the beach 3 times [3/3]
  • make a meal plan for dinner to store in containers
  • heal sunburn by applying moisturizing cream + aloe vera gel
  • wash face daily with cleanser + apply moisturizer


  • start and finish watching one piece upto skypiea
  • watch tv shows
    • Riverdale - S3
    • What's Wrong With Secretary Kim
    • One Piece
      • East Blue
      • Baratie
      • Arlong
      • Logue TOwn
      • Drum Island
      • Alabasta
      • Skypiea
  • xmas movies: to all the boys i've loved before, home alone
  • movies to watch
    • Dhamaal
    • I hate Luv Storys
    • Indiana Jones & Raiders of the Lost Ark


  • have a pizza night with roommates - hostel
dec 17 2018 ∞
feb 22 2019 +