Listinha de albuns físicos do kpop que eu quero comprar. <3

      • Grupos que eu sou stan

Girls' Generation

  • Grupo: The Boys, IGAB (grupo), IGAB (Sooyoung), Mr Mr, Party, Lion Heart, You Think.
  • Unit: Holler, Dear Santa (vermelho).
  • Solo: I, Why (Taeyeon), IJWD (Tiffany) e Don't Say No (Seohyun).


  • Pinocchio, NU ABO, Electric Shock, Pink Tape, Red Light (A e B), 4 Walls (Laranja).


  • Grupo: New Challenge, Destiny, Last Romeo, Be Back, Reality (Normal), Reality (Limitado), Infinite Only (Normal), Infinite Only (Limitado).
  • Unit: Fly High, Fly Again.
  • Solo: Another Me, 27 (Sunggyu), Write (Woohyun).


  • Welcome Back, New Kids.

Epik High

  • e, Map The Soul, Remapping The Human Soul, 99, Shoebox, Fever's End (Tablo Solo), WDSW.
      • Grupos que eu não sou stan


  • 4MINUTE: Name is 4 minute, Crazy, A Talk (Hyuna Solo), A+ (Hyuna Solo).
  • Wonder Girls: Reboot, Why So Lonely (Yeeun), Me? (HAT:FELT Yeeun Solo).
  • I.O.I: Miss me?
  • T-ara: Black Eyes, Funky Town, Day By Day, Mirage, Again.
  • Orange Caramel: Catallena, My Copycat.
  • Red Velvet: Ice Cream Cake.
  • WJSN: Happy Moment


  • MBLAQ: Sexy Beat, Broken.
  • GOT7: Just Right, Mad Winter (Merry), Mad Winter (Happy).
  • EXO: Power.


  • Dean: 130:mood TRBL.
  • Lee Hi: First Love, Seoulite.
  • IU: Modern Times, Chat-Shire, Pallete.⁠⁠⁠⁠


  • AKMU: Play, Spring, Winter.
  • Troublemaker: Chemistry (normal)
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