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i am russian. i can be very assertive at times and a doormat at others. sometimes i use '&' because it looks cooler than 'and'.

Son'ka follows:
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i'm not a person who says they don't hate anyone. here are some celebrities on my hit list ;).

  • chad kroeger - a travesty to music
  • miley cyrus - cunt, also travesty to music
  • ann coulter - close-minded media whore
  • sarah silverman - believes she is funny when many know otherwise
  • animal collective - create trashy noise praised by thousands of hipsters and yuppies
  • todd stroger - continues to raise prices and taxes in cook county
  • john travolta - atrocious actor
  • david hasselhoff's daughter - confused privacy with leaking dave's drunk video to the public
  • pink - self-proclaimed badass
  • sufjan stevens - again, highly generic musician praised far too often
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