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I am unclassifiable. More precisely defined as strange and unpredictable. More broadly as someone who is not what she seems. My head is filled with random slithers of thought which often draft into millions.Under the influence of pessimism. Procrastination is the greatest asset, I am after all consumed by a dreamer.

listography *NEW JOURNAL*
  • A vigorous formal diet, well more so should just be classified as a diet in general
  • Find new books to read, basically begin reading again i guess thats just what HSC does to you
  • Begin the search for my piercings, inspiration is Ruby Rose
  • The construction drawing of my tattoo
  • Start to manufacture my own little sweat shop for clothes for me. Yes i am exploiting my youthful self.
  • Enlighten Alex on the arts of skirt making.(Listed just for alex dear)
  • Alter my pile of clothes that are 'placed' on the floor in my wardrobe
  • Watch happy maddison, due to recommendations
  • Download new music, that will compliment my undefined mood
  • Redecorate/repaint my room, i have a vague idea... probably need to produce some lace curtains and fix up my mosquito net, and add some fairy lights, make myself a new quilt...
  • Heighten my IQ for uni especially considering that i have to do bridging courses in mathematics and physics and maybe extension 1 maths.
  • Figure out what my future career will be. Top 3 are an architect, fashion editor or a journalist.
  • Earn enough money to live in England, and probably a laptop
  • Rid myself of my obese brick phone
  • Have ceremonial burning of all HSC notes
nov 4 2010 ∞
nov 8 2010 +