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I am unclassifiable. More precisely defined as strange and unpredictable. More broadly as someone who is not what she seems. My head is filled with random slithers of thought which often draft into millions.Under the influence of pessimism. Procrastination is the greatest asset, I am after all consumed by a dreamer.

listography *NEW JOURNAL*
  • a connection between two people that remains unaffected by outside forces
  • A consumable amount of understanding between the two people whether agreeable or not
  • The two individuals remain open minded about each other accepting their strengths, weaknesses, flaws and any other
  • They see themselves as individuals, however when they are together they are seen as one. Catering for each other, creating an unbeatable stength.
  • They should be people who are comfortable with silence around them, even though their minds are flourishing with conversation.
  • They see each other equally, within the same light
  • They stand to be the cause that determines the accutes of pain, happiness, grief, unhappiness, despair and other emotions.
  • To be in each others presence is never taken for granted, each moments a blessing.
  • They serve as a guiding light but never a dictator.
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