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I am unclassifiable. More precisely defined as strange and unpredictable. More broadly as someone who is not what she seems. My head is filled with random slithers of thought which often draft into millions.Under the influence of pessimism. Procrastination is the greatest asset, I am after all consumed by a dreamer.

listography *NEW JOURNAL*
  • A new phone
  • A apple laptop
  • Fairy lights for my room
  • Black lace fabric for my mosquito net
  • Black lace & a black velvet high waisted skirt
  • Leather pandora braclet
  • Grand Piano
  • Electric guitar but unsure which one
  • Rosary beads or crucifix necklace for everyday wear
  • Tickets to see the king tut exhibition in melbourne this year
  • Rose/flower wallpaper for one of my walls in my room
  • New rings
  • Planetarium
  • Purple/ Blue lava/glitter/ electrical (ones that you touch and the electrictity appears to be attracted to your finger) lamps
  • Money, lots and lots of money
  • An old fashioned, black, leather bound journal (book with lined paper)
  • Multiple victorian/ art noveau style photo frames
  • Drum set
  • A top of the range, good digital camera, one that is used in photography.
  • More music
  • Eventually gain my dream colour hair
  • Tattoos
  • Ear piercings like ruby rose and the earring that megan showed me on tumblr
  • Eastern/ victorian style jewellery
  • Marc Jacobs Lola perfume
  • A new dress
  • Pocket/ necklace watch
  • A replacement of a leather band and battery for my watch
  • black lace stockings and stockings that are like opaque up to the mid thigh and then are sheer with a slight pattern and also plain white stockings
  • slouch, grandma, knitted cardigan or jumper
  • khaki oversized buttoned shirt
  • acid wash skinny jeans
  • New boots
  • victorian style brooches
  • The entire collection of Rammstein albums and dvds of live shows
jan 16 2011 ∞
feb 15 2011 +