Kpop has an evergrowing pile of choreography that ranges from impressive to absolutely fun. As someone who loves to dance, I almost always prefer watching dance practice videos because you see all those details that might not have been prominent in the music video or live performances. Of course, sometimes it's the actual performances that really bring choreo to the next level too. I decided to compile a list of some my favourite choreos and dancers in Kpop just for fun and to have a little reminder for myself of how great they are hehe



  • Kai (EXO)
  • Lisa (BLACKPINK)
  • Dino (SEVENTEEN)
  • YooA (OH MY GIRL)
  • Ten (NCT/WayV)
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the kpop songs that defined my childhood (before i started highschool)

  • wedding dress : taeyang
    • the first kpop song i've ever heard. LIFE CHANGING
    • i remember being so shocked at the music video, just absolutely devastated
    • for the first time i was amazed by choreography, and i dreamed of being able to dance like taeyang
    • tbh taeyang was everyones crush back then, even my cousins knew him LMAO but yes i was one of them
  • gee : snsd
    • ty youtube recommendation side bar for this gem and allowing me to experience the craze that is gee
    • my first bias of a group (miss tiffany), but i learned the choreo to yoona's part,...
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  • Lee Hi- Breathe
  • Sam Kim- Mama Don't Worry
  • EXO- Promise 2014
  • KARD (Somin & BM)- Trust Me
  • Before You Exit- Clouds
  • Akdong Musician- Melted
  • BTS (Jin)- Awake
  • BTS (Suga)- First Love
  • DAY6- I'll Try
  • DAY6- When You Love Someone
  • DAY6- I Need Somebody
  • Chungha- Chica
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Just a little thing for me to keep track of my bias wreckers I MEAN BIAS LIST plus, a few extra fav tidbits here and there

  • f(x): Amber (FEMALE ULT), Luna
    • Song: Papi, Goodbye Summer, Paper Heart
    • Choreo: Milk
      • Amber is so real, open, and unbelievably beautiful. A strong woman who isn't afraid to express herself and can make us feel good about ourselves. She's so kind to everyone too?? An inspiring queen!!
      • And my girl Luna is the softest lil puppy who is mindblowingly talented and bright. HER TALENT NEEDS TO BE APPRECIATED SO MUCH MORE HOLY She offers so much love and affection what a cutiee
  • EXO: Kai/D.O. (MALE ULTS)
    • Song: Black Pearl, El Dorado, EXODUS
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